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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
Neil Shah

Hello! I'm completely new to Moviepilot and for my first article, I wanted to do something fairly easy. Many of the upcoming movies are much anticipated for. Age of Ultron is only a few days away from release in America but great anticipation for the movie has been building up. The movie trailers mostly focused, here, will be science-fiction. Science fiction is my favorite genre and great excitement is building up inside of me because of the upcoming films. There is no doubt that almost all of you have seen all these trailers. But for those who have not, I present you the trailers of some of the best Sci-Fi films yet to be released! And guys, feel free to comment below on how I can improve my articles, thank you!

Age of Ultron:

Jurassic World:

Terminator Genysis:


Do you guys want to see more trailers of upcoming Sci-Fi films?


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