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Hey Creators! There's been a hashtag going around called . Mr. Robirds chose me and I'm going to keep the ball rolling and choose, our beautiful, Editor-in-Chief Alisha Grauso to answer my about herself. Then Alisha will pass the buck and ask 3 questions to another creator.

So here are the questions asked of me!

1. What is your saddest movie/tv/game moment?

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Xena Warrior Princess sacrifices herself....and doesn't come back. She's my all time idol. She HAS to come back from the dead.... Has to! Xena just can't die. So, when she actually did die, I was sobbing.

If only I could cry as prettily as Lucy Lawless...

2. Which fictional world from movies/games/TV would you like to live in?

Well, Middle Earth for sure! What kind of Lord of the Rings fan would I be if I didn't love world it was told in! I really want to be an elf but I want to live in a Hobbit hole!

From games, I'd want to live in Azeroth but only if I get to be super powerful and awesome! Ha!

Lastly, from a TV series, I'd live in The Last Airbender world. Ideally, I'd want to be the Avatar but we can't always expect to be perfect so I'd also like to be an air bender but I'll take water or even earth too!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who looks at this GIF and actually hears him saying, "precioussss.'

3. What is your favorite sci-fi franchise

This...This is a really hard one. I want to say Star Trek based on the fact that I love that franchise to death but Battlestar Galactica is definitely my number one. If only there was some sort of cross over between the two... It could totally happen. Maybe the events in Battlestar Glactica are in a different space time continuum? No? Yeah, probably not but one could try.

Hope you can answers these, feel free to upload a video response, or if that's not your thing you can always just share the answers as a normal post, and then ask of your own for someone else

Here's my three questions for Alisha!

1. What book series would you like to see made into a film/films and why?
2. Other than Spider-man, what comic book character do you really want to see in the MCU?
3. What genre of movies is your favorite, and within that genre, what is your favorite movie ?


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