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In today's world you either build a path for your shared universe the way Marvel has been doing for almost a decade or you take the DC route. The way DC is setting up their whole universe is by basically having everyone show up in Batman V Superman and that might also include the clown prince of crime. Its been recently brought up that Ben Affleck has been spotted on set for Suicide Squad for a possible cameo. The whole Batman cameo wouldn't be surprising but what is surprising might be the Jokers cameo in Dawn of Justice! Today Jared Leto posted a picture on Instagram where we can see we are getting a pretty beefed up Joker. He is wearing a Superman shirt as well so coincidence?!

According to Latino Review The Joker's cameo is going to take place during a flash back that Bruce Wayne has of Jason Todd's death.

This past week, David Ayer revealed his version of the Clown Prince of Gotham, and now we've learned that Leto's presence in Toronto as the Joker will end up serving both films. A few weeks ago I'd heard murmurs of a flashback sequence that had supposedly been added to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where we'd see Jared Leto's Joker beating and killing Jason Todd, aka Robin. I chose to sit on it until there was more information.

This of course comes from the story line A Death In The Family where the Joker beat Jason to death with a crowbar. If this is true then we will be getting a glimpse of Jared's Joker a lot sooner than many of us planned. I think it would be a great way to build the anticipation for Suicide Squad once that comes out later this year. I'm really digging the way they are borrowing themes from all these big comic book story lines. I also cannot wait to see Batman and Joker go at it in this flashback which I'm sure will show a confrontation of sorts.


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