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On May 22nd, the 20th Century Fox reimagining of the horror classic Poltergeist will be released nation wide in America. Now, you may be asking, why on earth does a film as terrifying and timeless as Poltergeist need to be updated? Well, if the recent trailer is any indicator, then it's simple: for the first time we're about to take a terrifying journey to the Other Side.

Suburban America has been perpetuated as an idyllic and tranquil location. Rarely is anything out of the ordinary. And residents of such areas are accustomed to insignificant sounds of dogs barking, children playing and laughter. What could honestly go wrong there? The real challenge is -- can you make it through this post without gasping, wincing, or screaming?!

4. Who's There?

The Bowen family's troubles are the exception. Souls have invaded their home. And as we see in the trailer, they've taken a liking to the curious young Maddie, who is the gateway out of their hellhole nightmare. And unfortunately, they've already seized her.

3. Violently Sucked In

The film's on a time clock, and there's a race to return Maddie before she's lost forever in the Other Side.

2. Dragged to Hell

Tension riddles the Bowen family, and what's worse the poltergeists are diddling with their sanity. Their worst fears are coming to life and they're determined to take them out.

1. There's a possessed clown behind you...

Now, see how you fare with the trailer. Enjoy.

Will Maddie and the family be reunited and saved? Find out by seeing Poltergeist on May 22nd!

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