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There's speculation going around many big websites that Jared Leto will make an appearance as the Joker in " [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)". Possibly to recreate a devastating iconic scene in "Batman: A Death In The Family". This may explain the reason for why the Joker is locked up behind bars in Arkham Asylum, and later joins the Suicide Squad.

Also, does this tie-in with Batman deciding to stop fighting crime after the death of Jason Todd and return because of Superman?

The moment of Robin's death
The moment of Robin's death

A Heartbreaking Moment...

"A Death In The Family" is possibly one of the most major dramatic story-lines in comic book history. Jason Todd was the second character to take up the position of Robin in "Batman". Eventually, he died at the hands of the Joker while trying to protect his mother; who was being blackmailed for medical supplies. Jason was beaten by the Joker with a metal crowbar and left in a warehouse with his mother to be killed by time bomb. Jason tries desperately to get out of the warehouse but are still inside as the bomb goes off. Batman arrives too late to save the two, and finds Jason's lifeless body in the rubble. Todd's death haunts Batman, and he considers it his greatest failure. He keeps the second Robin suit as a reminder.

Will We Watch Jared Leto Swing At Robin on screen?

News was released that Suicide Squad has begun filming in Toronto and Ben Affleck supposedly made a trip to the set not too long ago. Jared Leto and Ben Affleck right now are possibly shooting scenes for Suicide Squad and Batman V.S Superman. It really sounds as if we will be watching Jared Leto swinging a crowbar at Robin on screen in the new movie that will be released to theaters next year. So, is that why Jared Leto is getting so muscular? All for that iconic scene? To have the strength and decimate poor Robin and turn Batman's nightmares into a reality?

Does the Joker need to be bulky?
Does the Joker need to be bulky?

Getting Fit For The Crowbar?

This photo was recently released by Jared Leto online to show his fit body for the new Joker look on screen. What is he getting so bulked up for anyway? Why does the Joker need to be muscular and have a lot of strength for?

Whats the next Joke?

Has It Begun Filming?

After Ben Affleck has been spotted at the set of Suicide Squad, fans have been asking many questions as why is he there in the first place? Is Ben and Jared Leto shooting the scene already? Fans believe that it's involved with the "Death In The Family" storyline. Other than then Robin's death what else could they possibly be shooting?

Let me know what you think Ben Affleck is doing all the way up north and if it would be involved with Jason Todd's death? Can they possibly make it happen on the big screen?! That question will be answered when the movie comes out!


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Will we see "A Death In The Family" come to the big screen?


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