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Well's one of those interesting weeks where LOTS of stuff is happening. Two things in particular: [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) is opening nationwide; and the NFL Draft is going on.

So, in the spirit of diversity and whatnot, I had a thought. What if YOU were put in charge of drafting the IDEAL Avengers squad?? Now keep in mind, you want to put together a complete team. You have to consider all areas of what you may come up against. The villains you will face, the obstacles you must overcome, ALL these things. Who do you pick? You must fit your team into a set team criteria. Here is what I believe you must look at and consider, along with my choices for each spot of my team:

Your Leader.

A Leader. This should be pretty self-explanatory. This hero is the glue that holds you together, the one who keeps your team in line. Your strategist. Able to command the respect of the rest of your squad.

I feel my choice is also a bit of a no-brainer here:

Captain America

Next Up...

The Air Support

Every good squad needs its support from up above. Someone who can handle themselves in a dogfight. Can support the troops on the ground. Able to call out what they see, giving the team a heads up.

My top choice:

Captain/Ms Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers

This was a bit of a tough decision for me...but ultimately her own leadership skills and military/A.F. background won out. Also, it locks in some diversity on the team in the female department.

Next up....

The Heavy Hitter

This one is pretty cut and dry. You need a banger. A basher. Someone who can take a beating and dish it right back out. Someone who can handle the biggest/baddest your enemy can throw at you.

This was a tough choice again here as well...most people would stick to the obvious and say Hulk. But I have a tough call wanting to find someone who can follow orders/instructions without flying off the handle due to temper...

1A. Luke Cage

He fits the bill in pretty much every way. He's a total [email protected]$$...but....

1B. Hulk

Still have to have room for the Hulk. He's unstoppable. A true force to be reckoned with. Plus, in certain incarnations, you still get Bruce Banner's mind in Hulk form. Which keeps a spot open to him. Now if he could just permanently control that rage thing...haha.

The Long-Range Support

It never hurts having someone that can sit back and just pick off your enemies. While still be able to help in closer quarters as well.


He's the Legolas of least according to Iron Man. He provides your comic relief and can still take out enemies anywhere on the field. What's not to love??

The Hand-to-Hand Fighter

It never hurts to just have a solid fighter right alongside you. Someone who can out-maneuver, out-quick, out-fight your foe. Can strike from anywhere.

Black Panther

He has ALL the fighting skills. A total beast in battle. Oh, plus he's the King of his own country, so there's the financial support he can give. He's brilliant scientifically. He brings too many bonuses not to be part of my team.

Finally....there are the support squadmates. They deserve spots just for bringing extra skill.


He brings the Thunder.....and Lightening. Gotta have a spot in there.

He brings the brains....and the magic. He has knowledge that no normal man can help you with.

So there you have it fellow comic lovers. My Marvel Avenger Squad drafted. Love it? Hate it? Agree or disagree...let me know what you think. Who would you have on your squad? Tell me below. And thanks for reading.


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