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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Earlier today, multiple reports began flying around online that Batman V Superman star Ben Affleck was seen arriving in Toronto. Toronto being the filming location of Dc's upcoming film Suicide Squad. Instantly, people on Twitter began to make this connection and a few hours later Ben Affleck was spotted arriving at the set of Suicide Squad. This is big news, considering the fact that Suicide Squad will feature Batman's biggest nemesis Joker, being played by Jared Leto, this could mean so much for the future of the Batman franchise for the future.

Ben Affleck Arriving on Set.
Ben Affleck Arriving on Set.

Will we see a Batman Cameo in Suicide Squad?

The question still remains, why was Affleck on set? This more than likely confirms at the very least some sort of talks of a possible cameo for Batman. I would love to see a Batman cameo in the Suicide Squad even if it is very brief. It will be interesting to see how they implement Batman in the story going forward after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Could we possibly get teased to what we may have in store for us in the standalone Batman reboots? The initial rift Batman V Superman, could we see the back story to why Batman and SUperman have this conflict? Maybe Bruce Wayne is seeking information from one Lex Luthor about Superman. It is hard to speculate when we are unsure of Affleck's actual role will be in Suicide Squad, but none the less it will set the Dc Cinematic Universe up for big things to come in the future, or possibly an explanation to the past. There has also been rumors floating around that Jared Leto will make an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, could Affleck be setting up a possible meeting of sorts with Leto? Who knows, all we know for sure is that Ben Affleck is definitely on set, and somehow seems to have a role in the upcoming villain team up Suicide Squad. More than likely just a cameo, there are way to many storyline taking place within the film as it is, so expect a brief appearance. Get Excited Fans! The Batman is here!


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