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Today, the trailer dropped for the upcoming fantasy/action/genre-defying movie The Last Witch Hunter, and I'm just not sure I'm willing to wait until October to check it out!

While it can be hard to guarantee a good film from a couple minutes of footage, this trailer is just full of the kinds of things that make my fangirl heart happy. Immortal warriors. Flashbacks to lots of big guys with huge beards. Epic battles between good and evil. Swords. Michael Caine. Vin Diesel's impossibly sexy voice. Magic. Flaming swords. How could you not want to watch that?

Vin Diesel - The Last Witch Hunter Official Trailer

Vin Diesel with hair? Curious.VIN DIESEL killing witches with a flaming sword?! AMAZING!

Posted by on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Luckily, this isn't the first time that a movie or TV series has been able to wrap up all kind of mysterious supernatural stuff with pretty people and a hint of destiny. With just over six months to go till the release of The Last Witch Hunter, you should have plenty of time to check out these favorites of mine (in no particular order) and indulge your occult-loving soul.

1. Supernatural (TV Series)

If you love the idea of an epic battle between good and evil with plenty of elements of myth and legend, and you haven't yet introduced yourself to the brothers Winchester, then you can stop reading right now and head on over to Netflix. This insanely popular TV series is now on it's tenth season, and it's easy to see why. Like the title suggests, you'll find all manner of supernatural beasties in these episodes, (yes, including witches), along with various legends, battles between Heaven and Hell (literally), and some characters who may not be quite immortal, but are awfully good at coming back from the dead. Perfect.

2. Highlander (Franchise)

If it's the immortality aspect of The Last Witch Hunter that fascinates you, (or the swords) check out this cult classic film which spawned a further four movies, a TV series, animated series, novels and a comic book. The franchise centers on the Immortals, a race of almost-unkillable beings who live among us, battling each other for various reasons. It's an incredible series, despite not being initially well-received, and the TV series will have you singing Queen's Princes of the Universe for days.

3. Wanted (Movie)

If you want your viewing a little lighter on the fantasy and a little heavier on the big guns, Wanted could be the choice for you. There are no witches here, but there is a loom of fate, the weapons of fate, even peanut-butter loving rats of fate. Plus some incredibly fancy bullets that defy the laws of physics. The comic book is universally acknowledged to be better than the film, but it's still a favorite of mine for those times that I want my shoot-em-ups to be motivated by something other than drugs and fast cars.

4. Underworld (Franchise)

Back to the realms of monsters, the Underworld franchise is best known for an excuse to watch Kate Beckinsale running around in a black leather catsuit, but it's also about a centuries old war between werewolves and vampires. In the past decade, this has become something of a trope in tv and film, but it was still fairly new at the time, and the original is worth a watch. This is most definitely more of a horror/vampire movie than a fantasy flick, but there are the same themes of tortured old souls and age old battles to enjoy.

5. Angel (TV Series)

Buffy may be one of my favorite tv series of all time, but if you are after the male-led tortured immortal soul, Angel is where it's at. This spin off from the Buffy series features her first vampiric love as he tries to rid LA of monsters with the help of his various human and demon friends. I'm not sure quite how Angel would deal with Vin Diesel, but they could definitely have a heart-to-heart about their tortured histories.

6. Constantine (Movie or TV Series.)

While many comic book fans detest the Keanu Reeves film, for those who aren't readers of the DC Justice League Dark, the film will still scratch your itch for occult-fighting goodness. And of course, you can watch Keanu skulking around in a trenchcoat. If you are more of a purist, you can enjoy the recent tv-series. Either way, there's lots of spell-casting, demons, exorcisms and some death-cheating.

7. Riddick (Franchise)

This list just wouldn't be complete without at least one Vin Diesel movie, would it? In one of his favorite roles, Diesel is the terrifyingly lethal ex-con who can see in the dark, and the films are worth it for the terrifying space monsters as well as some of my favorite Diesel fight scenes. As the series progresses, the strands of fate, elementals and destined battles become more pronounced and the franchise drifts further from horror into fantasy and sci-fi.

8. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Movie)

Magic, immortality, legendary battles and the last of a group of warriors - these are all common themes in a huge number of martial-arts movies, but I would need an entirely different list to even try and encompass all of them. Instead, if you would rather have your epic tales of battle told with a samurai twist, why not start with one of the most famous marital arts films of the past two decades?

9. Game of Thrones (TV Series)

If you aren't aware of Game of Thrones, you must have been living under a rock. This book series-turned tv show recently returned for its fifth season, and we are starting to see that it's not just about fantasy and fate, but that there are quite a few people in Westeros who aren't that good at staying dead. Hints of immortality aside, this is the fantasy epic to rule them all, with enough violence to keep the biggest action fan happy. And of course, there's a flaming sword here, too.

10. Doctor Who (TV Series)

This may seem like an odd addition to the list, but fans of the show will know that there is more to the Doctor than a slightly crazy time traveller in a blue box. He's got his history and his struggles with being the last of his kind, and while he certainly doesn't have the shoot-first-ask-questions-later ethos that we usually see in Vin Diesel, there are a few other races that he is more than happy to hunt down.

As you can probably tell from this list, one of the most interesting things about The Last Witch Hunter is how many different directions it could go. Will we be seeing a film more fantasy or horror? More of a weepy, emotional immortal or a closed off man resigned to his fate?

The Last Witch Hunter will be released in theaters on October 23, 2015.


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