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It's Halloween night. The Joker's been dead for over a year and now Scarecrow is the big guy on campus. To finally defeat Batman, the villains have joined forces. There's also a new antagonist, the cloaked Arkham Knight who's determined to get rid of the Bat. And with the return of Azrael and his proclamation of the prophecy coming into fruition. It seems Batman's days are numbered...So, who will fight with him to the possible bitter end?

In Batman: Arkham Knight's latest trailer (aired three days ago), we not only see Robin, Alfred and Oracle by Bruce's side, but we also see Nightwing and Catwoman kicking ass with him. In Arkham City, Nightwing wasn't featured in the story line. However, he was playable in a challenge map. And Catwoman was apart of the game's dlc, but if you bought the special edition then she's already included without online download. Her role in the game was neutral, as she helped Batman when it fit her needs, but she did give Bats a freebie...Not that kind.

There's no official word yet on if Catwoman, Robin or Nightwing will be playable. Yet, Polygon mentioned a new feature called Dual Play. It'll supposedly allow players to control a variety of individuals. So, it's most likely they will. Especially, since this is the last game in the series. Batman's set to release on June 23, and if you pre-order, you'll be able to play as Red Hood and Harley Quinn.


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