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I am a HUGE fan of the last of us, it's my favorite game by far and I've played it countless times, and through many, many playthroughs, of The Last Of Us, it's dlc Left Behind, and reading the comic, and through research, I have gained an idea of where the franchise is going. And Based on all of that, this is what I am predicting/ hoping we can expect from The Last of Us 2!

Also if you haven't played the last of us you will have no idea what I'm talking about. I Hope enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it

I have already expressed my opinions on what I don't want to see in the last of us 2 . In his article I'll describe what I would like to see in a last of us sequel.


Most likely, The Last Of Us 2, won't just be called, The Last Of Us 2. just look at the uncharted series (made by the same studio as the last of us), they have titles such as Drakes fortune, among thieves, Drakes deception, and a Thief's end.

A couple of good ideas for the title of the last of us 2 could be, The Last of us 2: a new dawn, or The Last of us 2: endure and survive. something along those lines.


I think the biggest thing is that The Last of us 2 should switch focus from Joel to Ellie. However, by no means should Joel become the bad guy. If Joel became the villain it would mean that all the character growth he had, and all he's been through would mean nothing.

I would like to see The Last Of Us 2 start a few months after the last one ends. It'd open with Joel teaching Ellie to swim. We'd also see more of Tommy's village( again if you don't know what I'm talking about, play The Last Of Us, then this will make more sense).

one thing I want in the last of us 2, is a closer look at the society that Joel's brother, Tommy, has started to build. I imagine it would be a far more peaceful place. As opposed to Boston, where the first Last of us starts. I would also like to see what kind of people live in this village. If Ellie meets some more kids her age, if she makes some friends. Also how would the people their, being relatively sheltered from the zombie infested world, react to people like Joel and Ellie. this is one of the many reasons I think the last of us should continue Joel and Ellie's story.

Ellie would seem fairly distant at first, as she suspects that Joel may have lied to her. Eventually though, as time goes on, and Ellie start's to create a life for herself, and she makes some friends. She becomes closer to Joel again. She start's to think that there is some hope for humanity. She becomes happier again, and learns to move on with her life. And they live happily ever after.

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well for a year or two any way. But if we learn anything from the last of us, it's that a lot can happen in a year. and in the cruel harsh world of the last of us, life expectancy is short, really short, like only living to be 14 or 15 years old short.

OK so Ellie probably won't die in the last of us 2 at least not until the end maybe, but Joel on the other hand. while I think making him the bad guy is a terrible idea. I do think his story is coming to a close. The way I always picture his story ending is, him dying to save or protect Ellie. Perhaps someone tries to kill her and Joel fights this person off . Joel wins the fight, but later dies from his injuries. I picture a scene were Joel dies by Ellie's side, that would be a call back to the scene in the first last of us where Joel's daughter, Sarah, dies in his arms. And as Joel dies, Ellie would say something along the lines of "No! Please! don't do this to me! Don't leave me! please!", similar to what Joel said to Sarah as she died, and maybe even have her go so far as to call him dad, because of how she's come to love Joel as a father. Joel's last words to Ellie would be that he lied about the fire flies, but he'd die before he could tell her what really happened. After that heart breaking scene, Ellie would go on a soul searching journey to find out what really happened with the fire flies. This Journey would take up most of the game.

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Along the way, Ellie would probably come across some new characters, as most of the old characters have died in the first game. but she may see some familiar faces, like maybe Bill, and the game would start with Ellie living in Tommy's village, so he'd make a come back. maybe Tommy would even play a bigger role in the sequel. maybe you would even play as Tommy at some point, though, I don't think it'd be that necessary to have more than one playable character, so I doubt it.

Ellie's journey would take her to many new parts of the country. perhaps she'd find her way to the rocky mountains, or the Nevada desert. This would provide a nice change of scenery. I especially like the idea of the Nevada dessert as a location.


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Judging by the dlc prequel, Left Behind. The gameplay of the last of us 2 would be very similar to the first game. though since you'd likely be playing as Ellie rather than Joel, the game would rely a lot more on stealth, as Ellie is not as much of a brawler as Joel is. However, because of her small size, Ellie would be able to movie quicker, be more agile, and she'd be able to hide in vents and small spaces. hopefully the sequel has some more player choice, like the walking dead games or mass effect. and I'd like to see them bring back the ability to use the infected as a weapon, or some other factions, the sequel could introduce more groups of people that would offer as allies, or enemies.

I would also like to see the Last Of Us have some parkour elements, like in Tomb Raider, and Uncharted.


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Some may say that a story is only as good as it's villain. While I don't believe this to be true, I do believe that the villain is a very important part in any story.

Bat man has the Joker, Harry Potter has Voldemort, and star wars has Darth Vader. The sequel to the last of us could have any number of villains. an obvious choice would be the fire flies, the group that wants to kill Ellie to cure the fungus plaguing humanity, or the group of cannibals, who want revenge on Ellie for killing their leader in the first game, or some new group of people that Ellie encounters in her travels.

But I think the best rout is to have the majority of the game, not focus on the human vs human conflict, but rather one of human vs nature, with Ellie fighting against the forces of nature, wild life, and Infected. instead of some big bad super villain, that most games have you fight.

While Ellie does share some characteristics with katniss Everdeen, from the hunger games, the lat of us is not the hunger games, Ellie is not about to start a revolution to overthrow an oppressive government, nor was that ever what the last of us was about. the last of us is a story about survival. Even the name, The Last Of Us, gives a feeling that the world you are about to enter is empty, broken dangerous, and the human race is almost extinct, and you must fight to survive, for you are the last of us. This is why I think The Last Of Us 2, should have as little human enemies as possible. We do see some of this in the left behind dlc, were, in almost every encounter with human enemies you also fight infected, this could be a sign that Naughty Dog plans to take out most of the human enemies in the last of us, as mankind starts to thin out, and disappear. But that's just speculation.

And even in the first last of us game, when you did fight other humans. you rarely fought any oppressive government groups, their was no evil dictator to over throw. Instead the last of us is more like the Road, or Mad Max. the world of the last of us is chaotic, full of bandits, and killers, unorganized, and relentless. And the only cause you fought for was survival. I love that, and hope the next game is just as focused on survival as the first one is.


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I hope the last of us 2 is far scarier than, the last of us, not that the last of us isn't scary or anything, it is, but it could have been scarier. One thing that would make the last of us more frightening, is to have some enemies(like new and more powerful forms of infected) that cannot be killed. So the only way to survive would be to hide. this would be a lot like the game Alien isolation, one of the best horror survival games I've played in recent years.

I also feel the last of us 2 should have an even more depressing and tragic feel to it, as you can see from my idea of killing off Joel.

Voice Acting

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In an interview Neil Drunkmann, had stated that he would reconsider continuing Joel and Ellie's story, if their voice actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, could not reprise their roles, stating that they are Joel and Ellie to him. Now some people take this to mean that Joel and Ellie's story will definitely not continue. But I think it's the other way around. It sounds more like he wants to continue Joel and Ellie's story, but only if the original actors came back. And both Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson have stated that they would love to return to the world of the last of us. And Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie, has stated that her story could go in many places, and she seemed very exited about the possibility of returning to this role. When asked if she wanted to play Ellie again she said "oh, [email protected]# yeah!" so I don't think we've seen the last of Joel or Ellie, and they haven't seen the last of us.

And like I said, this is just what I would like to see in the sequel, and were i think the franchise seems to be going, but I've heard many theories of what The Last Of Us 2 could be, some are really good and some are really bad.

I think the most important thing is that the sequel stars Ellie, or maybe Joel, rather than some new character. as long as they do that and stay true to the characters, the game will do well.

But for now, nothing is official, and everything is speculated( props if you get that reference by the way)

So what would you like to see in the last of us 2? Comment below, and if you liked this article, fallow me to see more.


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