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Karina Thyra

It's nice to wake up in a summer morning, looking for news, and American Horror Story Hotel has a new addition of beautiful characters.

Wait till you see who it is!

The True Blood "Swedish God" Alexander Skarsgård!

He's jumping ship from True Blood!
He's jumping ship from True Blood!

He will be playing Joshua Evergreen the young and supportive husband of Hotel-owner Anabelle (Lily Rabe) and we know we're in a fit of jealousy.

Personally, I am EXCITED to see him and Lady Gaga work again together like in Mother Monster's Paparazzi music video.

-and I do hope there are a lot of encounters between him and Denis O'Hare's character Leo Maxwell-- the hotel's bartender.

Who knows? Something like this might happen again!

Alexander Skarsgård is just what I need to get me hooked up in a new TV show again.

Truebies say Amen!


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