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Story: (Not too many spoilers, or Skip down towards the middle for my thoughts)

A small Island Town, where everyone loves Cheese and people are separated into classes based on the color of hat you wear has a small problem. They have Trolls living under their city, and these Trolls steal things. Anything that is not nailed down well is up for grabs, and used to build their village under the city's sewers. But they only come out at night, and they are scared of humans. The Trolls also wear boxes for clothing, so that's why they are called 'BoxTrolls' Until two Trolls named Fish and Shoe meat a man who is the local town inventor. He is nice to the Trolls and lets them play with his baby.

One night a man in a red hat shows up and wants the inventor to build a 'wild wild west' spider knockoff for him to help him kill the Boxtrolls so he can gain a white hat and be among the top of the top of society. The inventor says no and the Redhat 'kills him' but, not before the inventor hands his child over to the Boxtrolls for safe keeping. The Trolls raise him as one of their own and he thinks he is a Troll by the time he's grown up.

Eggs and the Boxtrolls
Eggs and the Boxtrolls

Well the Red hat spreads a rumor that the Trolls killed the man and ate his baby causing the leader of the town to put him in charge of killing all the Trolls and once he is done, he would receive his prize, a white hat. The man spends years 'killing' the Boxtrolls and one day Eggs ventures up to the world above with his father / troll Fish but Fish is captured, forcing Eggs to 'dress up' like a human because he looks like one and he learned what human's think of Boxtrolls and he meets a girl. She helps him discover where the trolls are being kept prisoner and Eggs saves Fish and the three go down to Troll land were the girl finds out the truth about the Boxtrolls. Together the two go to a party to get the girl's father to listen to them about what Snatcher was doing to the Trolls and that the story of how they killed the baby was false. Well, that plan fails and Eggs is captured by Snatcher and watches in horror as his Troll family is all killed at once.


Then Snatcher and his goons take Eggs dressed as a Troll to the house of the Girl and almost kills him in front of the entire town, but just at the last minute the Trolls show up with Egg's father and they all save the day. But just at the end, Snature kidnaps the girl and her father finally sees the light and realizes his daughter is worth more to him than his hat. Than Fish, Eggs, and the Girls Father all go with him to sit and watch him eat cheese. Then the girl bites him and is set free, Snatcher is defeated and the island all live happily ever after.

Boxtroll Village
Boxtroll Village

My Thoughts:

Not bad for a kids film, but I found it to be very slow in the beginning. I liked the fact, even though in the start of the picture they mock the high society types with the 'red hats / white hats'. And for some reason only the rich can eat cheese, yet at a party later on celebrating the child being taken by the box trolls there is cheese for everyone, and everywhere.

I found the Trolls themselves to be humorous, even with characters of being few words. I like them actually for the Minions of 'Despicable Me'. But with the Trolls raising Eggs (the young male lead) from the time he was an infant kind of puts into question where he learned to talk beyond the tiny amount of English (or whatever language you are watching the film in) the Trolls spoke and the Troll actual language. Which to me sounded like Stictch from 'Lilo and Stitch' talking. But then again, it's a kids film and you are not supposed to question that type of thing.

(Skip the next Section if you fear Spoilers)

The two of three big reveals at the end are not much of a shocker if you paid attention to the characters and the models. You could tell Snatcher was Mrs. Fru Fru because they had the same face, body structure and her helpers looked like his helpers. And when the surprise reveal that the Trolls were all alive gave away that Eggs father was alive because why else would they have a adult male chained up with the Trolls?

(It's safe now)

All in all I found the film enjoyable, much more than most kiddie films that are released nowadays *cough* Frozen *cough* but I would most likely not watch it again. It's worth a go on Netflix or Redbox rental, or if you have a good library system rent it from there. But I wouldn't buy it until it went down in price, most likely Black Friday. Much like Lego Movie it grew on me after watching it, but I'm glad I didn't waste the 12 dollars it would have cost to go see it in the cinema.

Rating: C

Fate: Buy on Black Friday for under $5 / or record it off TV


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