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Disney Channel is coming out with a new original movie called Disney Descendants, which centers around the sons and daughters of classic Disney villains: Cruella de Vil, Jafar, the evil queen from Snow White, and Maleficent. This sounded like a great idea to me at first, but then I saw the first trailer that debuted April 26th.

Check it out here:

Oh Jiminy Crickets! I would say this looks like a terrible Disney fan fiction, but that would be an insult to fan fiction authors everywhere. Perhaps it's not fair of me to cast shade just based off of a minute and a half trailer. However, it was a minute and a half trailer that made me realize that this T.V. film is not going to make any sense.

Why is that you ask? I have a few reasons. First:

The movie is set in modern time.

Yes, I am nitpicking fairy tales (don't a lot of us?). But each of these Disney fairy tales takes place in different time periods and countries. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty was around Medieval Germany or Denmark, Aladdin was ancient Saudi Arabia, and 101 Dalmatians was 1950s-60s London.

This trailer shows these kids have a more modernized fashion and that all these Disney characters are all alive at once. Historically speaking, that can't be possible. Historically speaking, they can't all possibly end up in an "island prison" like the trailer suggest. But that's not the weirdest part.

Some of the Disney villains should be dead.

The evil queen and Maleficent died at the end of their respective films. It is possible these villains had their own children beforehand. However, if this movie's plot is meant to take place after our heroes find happily ever after, then how is it our villains are still alive? Did the evil queen miraculously survived her fall off the cliff at the end of Snow White? Was Maleficent not really killed by Prince Phillip while she was a dragon?

Then lastly, there's son of Jafar, Jay.

Why is Jay a thief?

I just wonder because that sounds more like the son of Aladdin than Jafar. Maybe he will meet the real son or daughter of Aladdin and they become friends through their love of thievery. Who knows.

Now I still have hope in Descendants believe it or not. The concept of this movie is fun, but hopefully it will not leave us viewers with our heads shaking in despair and confusion.

Descendants premieres on Disney Channel some time this year. Are you excited? Do you think this is a bad idea? Feel free to comment below you Disney goons!


Are you excited for Descendants?


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