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Last night, Sirens were blaring outside due to incessant Tornado Watches and Tornado Warnings. Rain was fierce and lightning was bright, as if a welder was right outside our backyard window. My Girlfriend and I, put on HBO Go, after calming our kids down and reassuring them that everything was going to be alright for the night. She skimmed, as usual, and found "The Other Woman", Directed by Nick Cassavetes. This is my first of many blogs about the positive view on films I watch.

Miniscule tidbit about me:

I adore movies. Being 35 now, I remember my days, long ago, working for a small town video store. I watched all the movies that were new and old, foreign and American. I was and still am willing to watch, in the truest sense of the word, 'anything' that is on. While many people ridicule and insult movies that many people worked day in and day out to bring to life. I understand and appreciate the effort put forth. I will not diminish the various talents of countless people. I will not disregard a whole movie just because a scene or two felt offset. I will not worry about the little things. I will, on the other hand, bash critics for not being the critic they are supposed to be. One that bases the film on entertainment value. (That's why its called the Entertainment business, not lets please one person) Anyway, lets go.

I watched "The Other Woman"with my love and now I will tell you about it, what is good about it, and what it could have improved on.

I've been a big fan of Nick Cassavetes for years. Ever since his days on movies, like 80's classic "The Wraith" and 90's actioneer "Face/Off". Nick has also directed some movies that have become pretty popular like "The Notebook".

Continuing on, despite countless unwarranted negative reviews, "The Other Woman" was successful at the box office. Nick and all his people made 'The Other Woman' happen for approximately 40 or so million dollars. But they made an estimated $196.8 Million of that back, at the box office.

Leslie Mann was fantastic and great as always. Her freak outs, as she starts panicking to figure out a solution, are over the top but needed. Cameron Diaz was good, she is funnier than people let her be. The Bush scene with Cameron Diaz's legs had me laughing. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Pronounced: Knee-Ko-Lie Coaster Wall-doe) is a hugely talented actor. His American Accent was good. Check out Jaime Lannister himself in the severely under-appreciated "Oblivion".

Taylor Kinney as Leslie Mann's Brother made my girlfriend say "Yummy", when he first appeared. I regretfully reponded with,

But I retaliated when my other true soulmate appeared. Kate Upton is absolutely gorgeous in this movie. There's a scene where a jealous Leslie Mann asks Kate Upton what she has on that smells so good. Kate tells her that its nothing and that it's her sweat. Its probably true.

Critics bashed it. But people still saw it because it has its moments. I could see the movie needing improvements but it was entertaining overall. "The Other Woman" has an awesome easter egg for movie buffs and cinephiles. David Thornton, the man who played the boss Nick, is Grammy award winning Cyndi Lauper's Husband. His wife Cyndi is on the movie's soundtrack.

Don Johnson, and his sheer shirt and no hands asian restaurant scene, is funny. He plays Cameron Diaz's dad in the film. His character only dates or marries women half his age.

Nikki Minaj plays the lazy secretary, for Diaz's character. Its the first time I have seen her in a movie and she was good. Same goes with Kate Upton.

I love animals but the great Dane could've been out of some scenes. The interactions between the actors is what I wanted to see. I thought the connection between Diaz and Kinney's characters were a bit unbelievable. I could picture Kinney's character being with someone else.

Nikolaj's nipple scene was funny.

The overall feeling I got, after watching the movie, was that it was a sincere, lightly humorous, make you smile, kind of movie. It was decent. Not bad at all like critics made it out to be.


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