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Alright Flash fans- side note, I normally call Arrow fans Arrowheads, but 'Flashers' could be deemed politically incorrect, and 'Speedsters' is a tad corny, so I think I'll just stick to "Flarrowers" and "Flash fans" - this is it. The episode we've been waiting for. Please note, of course, full spoilers for Episode 20, The Trap, the most recently aired episode, follow. Obligatory spoiler buffer (from the start of Episode 20, oddly enough, but it went viral earlier.)

Which is awesome in its own right, confirming the new costume as something bound to happen as we speculated from episode one, Iris' eventual apparent marriage to Barry, a reiteration of the Wayne/Queen merger, and, above all, the confirmation of Green Arrow and Hawkgirl's existence in 2024- plus The Atom's! Also note that 'Atom' isn't completely capitalized, which, while this might just be a style choice, could also hint Ray Palmer has his powers fully, and is not going by any acronym of his exosuit. (Yes, shock horror, Oliver Queen is not going to be Ra's forever, and, as has been confirmed, he will be Green Arrow soon! But that could be as soon as potentially next season.) It's nice to see all those names straight from the comics written on the page.

Anyway, you probably saw that in the episode- so here's what you're here for! The full trailer for next week's Grodd Lives.

It is just a little trailer which doesn't give away much- my favourite kind- but it's worth breaking down. If you want more, including from other episodes, I'd advise checking out the full trailer for the rest of the season. Let's begin the breakdown of this one!

Anyone getting Arkham Asylum flashbacks?

It's an amazing location for any tense, animalistic scene, and I can't help but feel all of this being set in the sewers, while it may be reaching, is a homage to the now quite famous boss fight from Arkham Asylum, where Batman fights Killer Croc in the sewers in one of the most truly tense fights in video games. Expect this episode to be no less tense than that.

Writing on the walls...

We've already seen "Grodd" and more phrases scratched on the sewer wall when we first came to Grodd's sewer, but now phrases such as "Grodd is King" are present. That one's particularly interesting, given, while he has a different origin in the show, Grodd actually is King of Gorilla City as his origin in a great many comics. That's almost definitely a nod to that, and we may see something more come of it, but above all it goes to show Grodd has come from just writing to developing a true ego he has in the comics, and high intelligence.

Other writing appears to be "Grodd," "Grodd Strong," and various other human symbols like arrows- also significantly, "Flash dies."

I spent time on Paint making this. My skills as you can tell are amazing.
I spent time on Paint making this. My skills as you can tell are amazing.

In fact, the name of the episode, "Grodd Lives,' was hinted at way back in the great season poster I will soon have hanging on my wall before even the pilot aired, where the very same thing is scrawled on the ground.

Where's Wells...I mean Thawne?

This may be the entrance to the sewers, but it does look a tad different than the shots of the ladder down into the sewers in other shots. It's possible he's somewhere else entirely- also note Thawne is wearing his ring, allowing him to change into Reverse Flash when he pleases. I wouldn't be surprised if that's also stolen from Barry, just as Gideon apparently was.

Eiling's back!

So perhaps Grodd didn't kill him- he also seems to be the one who first mentions the name "Grodd" to Barry, Caitlin and West here. It's odd they have him in the pipeline, rather than just restrained- has he developed metahuman powers (see The General in the comics, his powered alter ego)? Note the weird blue glow on his arms. Either way, he's not himself.

We finally get to find out who this is!

I expressed my dislike in my season trailer breakdown for this villain whose identity eludes me. Normally, official photos like this one contain the name of the characters and cast members present, but he stays absent. Popular theories are now that it's Eiling himself, but speculation on the likes of Sportsmaster and Checkmate continues to rage on.

GRODD IS HERE- and yes, he looks amazing!

The moment is finally here- our clearest look at Grodd in action looking aggressive. It's amazing how he goes from looking so beastly and animalistic, like a true, fierce and quite frankly terrifying gorilla- something that looks humanly intelligent with facial posture like that, and yet still obviously the same animal. Just as Grodd should be. The above is an earlier picture, and I'm not sure if work's been done by then that makes the facial difference, but both are still amazing bits of CG- and yes, you heard that right. I reported on one post he was part costume, part CG.

I was quite delighted to be corrected by Stefan Bredereck, who actually does a lot of the CG for The Flash- including Grodd, and he informed me that Grodd is entirely CG- no costume involved. What an amazing feat. Not just for a TV budget, either- an amazing feat period. Let's congratulate them!

But what's his problem with The Flash?

We heard a while back that Grodd will have a personal beef with Barry, and then we saw "Flash Dies" written above, and this photo is kind of an awesomely dead giveaway- the two aren't gonna start on friendly terms. But why would Grodd hate Barry? Wells is the one who releases him- we know that much. Perhaps he ties The Flash to Wells and Eilings' torture of him, though Wells never actually seemed openly hostile to Grodd, nor likewise- if anything, they seemed more like partners. Maybe Grodd's heard about The Flash through his mind control.

But, we can speculate all we want- we'll know in a week's time anyway- if you want to see even more, check out this season breakdown, or the breakdown for tomorrow night's Arrow. Be sure not to miss Grodd Lives, Episode 21 of The Flash, same Flash time, same Flash channel! Let me know your hype for this episode in the comments.


Are you pumped to finally see Grodd?


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