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Floria was a lady of the streets in Biloxi you could see her every other month around 1:15am sobbing and crying but do you dare ask why well I shall tell you the story about Floria. She is a lady of the ages between 25 or 30 brown haired blue eyed angel looking for a good time with any Tom she could get. I was approached by her one foggy morning coming back from work when I was at a red light roads was empty she was crying so I asked her if she could use a lift she nodded yes so unlocked my door and she got into the passenger side of my truck. I asked her name she told me I asked where she needed to go she insisted I just drive hell I had nothing better to do so we drove all over Biloxi and Gulfport. Once again I ask if she needed to be somewhere or had a place to lay she shook her head no so I invited her to my place to stay. We go back to my house I told her make herself comfortable I started a pot of coffee I wanted to find out more information about her so I sat down with two cups of coffee in my hand she bummed a cigarette so we started talking things lead in different directions I surely didn't expect to happen. I finally get into my bed but something didn't feel right I started getting real cold and chills that made the hairs on every inch of my body stood high up I felt like I was paralysed. She was slowly creeping around me her eyes blood red teeth sharp looking like knives like something from a horror movie I've never seen nothing of the kind I remember been so scared so the only thing I could think of doing is praying out loud. As I was there praying loud with my eyes closed tight she was screaming louder walls was shaking then poof everything stopped for a little while then resumed with the feeling like if my skin was melting after what seemed like forever she was suddenly gone. If you ever see Floria don't pick her up leave her alone I'm still haunted with nightmares of trembling day.


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