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As someone born right at the beginning of the Disney Renaissance, when the brand new live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was announced, I was genuinely excited. As each member of cast was announced my excitement only grew as I realized just how amazing this movie is going to be - it's a freakin' live-action Beauty and the Beast! How cool is that, I mean imagine scenes like Be Our Guest in real life!

With so many cast members to remember from the original movie, and so many new castings having been made in the last few weeks, I thought it best we compile them all into one comprehensive list, so without further ado, take a look at your cast for the live action Beauty and the Beast:

Emma Watson as Belle

Emma Watson stole our hearts back in 2001 when she starred in Harry Potter as Hermione, and she's only held on to them as she proved that she's not just an actress but an ambassador and role model. There couldn't be a more perfect Belle than this smart and intelligent young lady.

Dan Stevens as the Beast

Dan Stevens is probably most well known for his roles in Downton Abbey and [Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb](tag:859388). His experience as the smartly dressed Matthew Crawley in Downton means that he's perfectly prepared for his role as the dapper-looking Beast. I look forward to seeing his costume, thought I have no doubt he'll be great in the role, plus he's even got the Beast's kind blue eyes.

Luke Evans as Gaston

Ah Gaston! As much of a jerk as Gaston is, you can't deny his good looks, and while I can't speak for Luke Evans personality, he certainly looks the part! Here's hoping Evans can really nail the sexist, boorish and cunning personality required for the part.

Ewan McGregor as Lumière

I wouldn't have picked this casting in a million years, but I am seriously looking forward to seeing what McGregor can bring to the role of the charming French Lumière.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette

Plumette (who was called Babette in the original Disney movie) will be played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw who recently had parts in Jupiter Ascending and Belle. I hope she can bring some flirtatious and playful spirit to the role.

Ian McKellan as Cogsworth

Simply said: there isn't a more perfect person for the role.

Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts

Emma Thompson seems born to play the motherly Mrs. Potts, and while her son, Chip, hasn't yet been cast, I'm sure the two will be a wonderful pair to see on the screen.

Josh Gad as LeFou

Josh Gad is best known as the voice of Olaf from Frozen, and it kind of seems like LeFou has elements of Olaf in his personality (albeit a lot craftier). I also can't help but think there is a decent resemblance between the character and actor - I look forward to Gad bringing LeFou to life!

Audra McDonald as Garderobe

We didn't see a lot of the wardrobe in the original Disney version, but what we did see was a very sweet and comforting character (oh, except at the end when she did technically crush a guy to death), I look forward to seeing what Private Practice actress Audra McDonald brings to the role.

Kevin Kline as Maurice

Even though Kevin Kline may look serious in the picture above I have no doubts that he'll absolutely nail the kind but eccentric personality of Belle's father, Maurice.

Stanley Tucci as Cadenza

I love Stanley Tucci in any role, however it's hard to get a sense of what his character will be in Beauty and the Beast seeing as Cadenza (who will be a grand piano) isn't a character in the original film. However, there is a pipe organ character in the sequel to the original film, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

In the sequel film, the character is named Forte and was voiced by Tim Curry. Forte was a villain, and tried to prevent Belle and Beast falling in love. It will be interesting to see if Cadenza has the same evil and harsh personality as Forte or if the two are two entirely different characters.

And there you have it, that's your main cast for the live-action Beauty and the Beast film! I cannot wait, and gathering by a recent Instagram post by many of the cast, neither can they!

As far as I'm concerned, Disney can totally be our guest to transform this beloved animated film into a live-action spectacular!

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17.

Source: IMDB


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