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Here at Moviepilot, we are all about empowering the fans. I was re-reading, one of our staff writers, Kit Simpson Browne's recent articles about grittier versions of some of our classic movie franchises and realized that the comments were mentioning ones we missed.

I compiled the 4 best that I saw in the comments and placed them here for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

I included shout outs below each video to the users who posted them. Do us a favor and let us know in the comments if there are any other films or shorts that you know of that are awesome!

1. 'Wonder Woman' - A Short By Rainfall Films

Shout out to Kluu for posting this!

2. 'Spawn: The Recall' - Fan Film by Michael Paris

Shout out to Joey LaDestruct for posting this!

3. 'Batman Arkham Asylum' Spanish Fan Film (Trailer) by Grant Morrison

Shout out to [Joshua Garcia](user:566051) for posting this!

4. 'Marvel Knights (Spider-Man)' A Fan Film produced by Made Legit Media and directed by Jesse Scimeca

Shout out to [John Martin Maund](user:832012) for posting this!


Man, these are so sick. It took some seriously talented fans to make all four of these. That passion seeps through to the finished product here for sure.


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