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Every country has its ghost stories, ones you tell around the campfire or myths and legends you hear growing up.

But in Indonesia ghosts and mythical creatures are deeply embedded in the culture, and they are truly feared. And for good reason! Some of these guys look terrifying... and what they do?! Horrifying!

If you like tales of ghosts that drink babies' blood, come back from the dead to kill people, or have exposed body organs, please, do read on!

7. Kuntilanak

Believed to be the spirit of a pregnant woman, Kuntilanak has long black hair which hangs down and a long white robe. She thrives on evil and death, and she can transform into a beautiful woman to try to lure men to their deaths. She can often be heard laughing loudly while hiding behind trees or buildings, waiting for her next victim.

6. Wewe Gombel

A sort of friendly ghost, Wewe Gombel kidnaps children. But to punish parents rather than hurt the children.

If she sees a child that is being mistreated she will take the child until the parents have learned to treat their children properly.

Her wild-looking appearance is to scare children so they don't wander out of the house late at night, as there could be wild animals waiting to prey on them.

5. Thuyul/Tuyul

The spirits of children, they are thieves that cause mischief and like to steal money from people's houses.

With pale skin, they wear nothing but a diaper. You can distract them from stealing by putting out a pot of beans. They will count the beans instead of taking the money.

Check out one of these creepy little ones caught on camera:

4. Pocong

The pocong is the soul of a dead person trapped inside its death shroud. The body of the deceased is traditionally wrapped and tied at the arms and feet in a white muslin cloth. The Indonesian people believe that a soul stays on Earth for 40 days after death.

After the 40 days, if the ties in the cloth are not cut, the soul cannot leave earth, so the body jumps out of the grave to get people to release them. Due to the feet being ted they hop around. But when the ties are released the soul can leave Earth and never return.

3. Genderuwo

This fiendish looking beast is a much feared evil spirit. He is tall, covered with thick dark hair with razor sharp claws and piercing red eyes. You can tell he is near if you can smell rotting flesh.

Sex obsessed, he preys on women, raping them.

2. Sundel bolong

With her back wide open exposing her organs, Sundel bolong is said to be the spirit of a pregnant prostitute who died before giving birth.

This meant she gave birth in her grave and the baby came out of her back, she hides the flesh and bone with her long black hair when approaching men.

Said to be a gentle spirit, she is kind, but if she is rejected by a man, she castrates him. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," as they say.

She even has her own movie.

1. Palasik

Appearing as a normal person, the Palasik can remove their head, with the heart and lungs still attached.

Feared by mothers everywhere, they like to kill infants and suck the blood of babies, even those still in the womb.

It was believed that whole families could be Palasik, and many years ago, if a family was accused they would be executed.

All of a sudden that idea I had about back packing alone through Indonesia doesn't seem like such a good idea!


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