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Despite Batman and Superman's epic cinematic encounter not hitting cinemas till next year, it seems as if the porn industry has gotten themselves worked up into a sticky and sweat addled frenzy, and spilled talk of an epic encounter of very different proportions all over the internet. A bit premature, maybe?

Alex Braun, the prince of porn parodies, is back at it again with his impending flesh flick Batman v Superman XXX. Due to slip into the internet and stores this May, Braun took to Twitter to reveal the news in a series of tweets, probably much to the delight of DC and porn fans everywhere.

Here's the poster:

"Justice Is Coming," priceless.
"Justice Is Coming," priceless.

Starring Ryan Driller and Giovanni Francesco as the titular heroes, my only question, well maybe not the only question, but the most pressing question is, how the heck are they supposed to get in and out of those pretty damn impressive costumes with ease?

That will all become apparent soon enough, but a few days after posting the first look at the poster, Braun revealed the ladies that will be aiding and hindering Justice's arrival:

Alison Tyler's Wonder Woman will be joined by Britney Amber's Maxima, Kleio Valentien's Harley Quinn, Aiden Ashley's Catwoman and Carter Cruise's Supergirl.

Not that the movie isn't already overflowing with iconic DC characters, Braun's last tease of a tweet brought with it the promise of an appearance from the Joker:

Played by Brendon Miller, Braun took the chance to get a little cheeky and poke fun at Suicide Squad when he described Miller's Joker as "WAY creepier than @JaredLeto." Let's see if Leto and co. decide to rise to this firm challenge.

Taking number 34 and 35 of the rules of the internet, possibly, a little too close to heart, I'm sure this excursion through the flexibility of superheroes' costumes will act as an interesting parallel to the dark hued and moody destruct-o-fest waiting for us in next year's full fat version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Compare the costumes of both with another look at the BvS trailer:

(Source: Axel Braun/Twitter)


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