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Everyone has at one time or another been asked 'have you heard this scary story?' Only to be told a frightening tale of gruesome murder, kidnap, people vanishing or someone coming home to find a bloody murder scene and find their whole family massacred.

We like to be scared, and telling stories means that they pass along, from person to person, generation to generation, becoming more reality than perhaps just an urban legend.

Here are some scary stories, could they be real or are they the stuff of legend?

1. The Room mates death.

Two young female science students were sharing a room at college. They had their mid-term the next day, but one of the girls decided not to study, instead accepting a date from the hottest guy in school.

Leaving for the party, the girl asked her room mate if she was sure she didn't want to come. She wanted to be left to her studies.

Coming home at 2am the girl climbed into bed, not wanting to wake up her studious friend ahead of their big test the following day.

Waking up early the next morning due to nerves at not preparing for her paper the night before the student got up, finding her room mate lying on her stomach. Turning her over she discovered she was covered in blood. Turning on the study lamp there was blood all over the books and desk.

Letting out a blood curdling scream she sank to the floor when she saw "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" written in the blood of her hardworking friend.

She had slept in the same room as her slaughtered body all night, maybe the killer was even still inside the room.

2. The Killer In The Window

All alone one cold winters night a young teenage girl sat watching TV. The TV was right beside a sliding glass door. The blinds were open.

Suddenly she saw the face of a wrinkled old man staring at her through the glass. Reaching for the phone she put a blanket over her head so that he could not see her ringing the police.

She was so terrified she stayed under the blanket until the police arrived. As it had been snowing the policemen searched around the house for footprints, but there was no footprints on the snowy ground near the sliding door.

Going back inside, the police were about to say that she must have imagined it, until they saw the wet footprints leading up to the couch where the young girl had been sitting.

Looking at her one policeman said; "You have been really lucky, because it doesn't look like he was outside at all, he was in the house! He was standing right beside the couch, and what you had seen in the window was his reflection."

3. Calling From The Dead

On September 12, 2008 a devastating train wreck took the lives of 25 people. The two trains crashed in the Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, and on one of the trains was Charles. E Peck who was on his way to a job interview for a job he really wanted.

Deeply in love with his fiancée who already lived in the city, he was hoping that if he got the job they could settle down together and get married.

Sadly, it wasn't to be. His carriage struck first, causing lots of damage, and had the most casualties.

But,for the next eleven hours after the crash Edward's phone rang several people, including his fiancée, son, brother, stepmother and sister, a total of 35 calls altogether. However when they answered they just heard static and when they tried to call him back, it went straight to voicemail.

Could he have survived against all odds and be trying to call for help inside the carriage? Sadly not, Edward had died on impact, so there was no way he could have made them calls.

So who did? And, creepily, the phone was never found.

4. Bride and Seek

A young couple got married in a beautiful farmhouse where the bride had grown up.

After the wedding and a few drinks everyone decided to play Hide and Seek, so all the children could join in too. The groom was the one who had to find people so everyone ran off to hide. The bride wanted to make sure she won the game and ran into the house.

She ran to the attic where she knew there was an old chest, she got inside and waited to be found. But no-one found her. Her husband finished the game thinking that she must have gone for a rest. The guests all went home.

But the husband still couldn't find her. Frantic he and her parents rang for the police, but she was never found. Not until years later when her mother died, her father went to clean out his wife's belongings in the attic.

There he came across the chest. When he opened it he was horrified to find his daughter's decayed body, still in her wedding dress, trapped inside the chest. She must have suffocated while inside, and had been so close to them the whole time she was missing.

5. The Mystery Of Elisa Lam

LAPD released surveillance footage of a young missing girl called Elisa Lam. She was found floating in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in LA in February 2013.

The footage shows her acting strangely, as if she was hallucinating, or not alone on the corridor. She did have a history of bi-polar, so maybe she committed suicide?

Her body was discovered after a maintenance worker went to inspect the tank after customers had started to complain that their water 'tasted funny'.

Once removed from the water there was no injuries to her body, and there was no drugs or alcohol in her system. The crazy thing is how she even got into the water tank in the first place? There was no access to the roof, and the water tanks and surrounding area are heavily alarmed.

The water lids are so heavy that they had to be cut open to remove her body and police say there's so way she could have lifted the lid, dropped into the water and then replaced it, trapping herself inside.

So what did happen to Elisa Lam? Maybe we will never know.

6. Buried Alive

In 1915 a woman called Essie Dunbar suffered a deadly epileptic fit and passed away. Or so everyone thought.

Arriving late to her funeral her grief stricken sister was just in time to see the final few shovels of soil being put on her sisters grave.

Pleading to see her sister for one last time, the grave was dug up and the casket was opened.

When they opened the lid Essie sat upright and started to smile at all the guests, obviously almost killing everyone there with fright.

She went on to live for another 47 years.

7. Burnt alive

A young woman was getting excited about her wedding day. She decided that she'd look better in her wedding dress if she had a little tan, so a week before the wedding she went to a tanning salon.

The salon staff told her that for her own safety that she could only tan for thirty minutes a day. After she'd tanned for her thirty minutes, she decided it wasn't enough, so she went to another tanning salon the same day.

She was told she could only have 30 minutes there too. She felt she still wasn't tan enough after that thirty minutes, so she went to a third tanning salon, and a fourth. She did this for the next four days.

Even though she was getting a little bit worried she might burn, she kept thinking how good she'd look in her wedding dress. The day before her wedding, she was found dead. It is said that she died from the light of the tanning beds, and that her organs had cooked inside her body.

8. Poisoned Halloween Candy

A man murdered his own son by putting cyanide in his Halloween candy. Ronald Clark O'Bryan was sentenced to death after being found guilty of poisoning his own eight year old son Timothy on Halloween night 1974.

It turned out he had taken huge life insurance policies out on both of his children. He had also given the deadly candy to his daughter and four other children, however, Timothy was the only one who ate it.

O'Bryan was executed in March 1984.

9. The Man With A Hook For A Hand

One night a young man drove his date up to a popular make out spot hoping to get a goodnight kiss before he took her home.

Turning on the radio, he thought they would listen to some music, trying to create a romantic mood. After a few minutes, the presenter made an announcement that a man had escaped from the psychiatric hospital and if anyone saw a man with a hook for a hand they were not to approach him.

The girl became scared and asked her date to take her home. Locking all the doors he tried to convince her they would be safe. She persisted that she wanted to go home.

Angry that the date had been cut short, the boy violently started the car and drove away. When they got to her house, the girl screamed, dangling from the door handle was a bloody hook.

10. Bloody Mary

A young girl had just moved to a new school and was finding it difficult to make friends. A bunch of girls invited her to a sleepover. She happily accepted thinking it was a great opportunity to get to know her new classmates.

They asked her to play Truth or Dare. When it was her turn, she picked dare. "We dare you to do Bloody Mary", the other girls said. Not knowing what it was, she agreed. They gave her a candle, pushed her into the bathroom and she span around three times shouting "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." Nothing happened, except the candle going out.

She asked the girls to let her out of the bathroom but they refused, laughing from the other side of the door. Suddenly the taps in the sink and the bath started turning themselves on and soon thick, black smoke became to pour from the faucets, filling the room.

Kat screamed as Bloody Mary rose out of the bath that had filled with a bloody water and crawled out. She crawled over to Kat, slitting her throat and dragging her into the bath. When the other girls finally opened the door, they found her mutilated body slumped in the bath, covered in blood.


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