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I'm not a multiplayer gamer at all. I've always been focused on singleplayer experiences, with very few exceptions along the way. That being said, I thought I was done with GTA 5 when I completed it for the third time on the PS4 . How wrong I was. I now find myself in the thralls of GTA Online, and I'm losing a rather serious amount of sleep because of it.

Therefore, having basically started a whole new Rockstar game this week, I find that my outlook on what should come next from the company has shifted a bit. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game that I'm sure Rockstar are working on now, all signs point to its release date, and there's nothing else I really want from them at the moment. But what about you guys? What do you think about the prospects of Max Payne 4? Or would you be happy to see GTA 6 get a release date first first for the XBOX One , PS4 and PC?

Max Payne 4
Max Payne 4

GTA 6 vs Max Payne 4

Seeing as GTA 5 Online is keeping me immensely happy at the moment, my desire for GTA 6 has somewhat dwindled. Rockstar are undoubtedly going to be reserving the next venture into the GTA landscape for a good few years from now. After all, they've got a lot of expectations to live up to. So at the moment I actually find myself yearning for a return to the gritty world of Max Payne.

Max Payne 3 is one of those games I don't think I'll ever really give away. It's still a blast to fly through a full playthrough of the game every now and then, as the combat is just so insanely satisfying. I'd love to see another addition into the franchise arrive before Rockstar focus all of their efforts on GTA 6. But are you with me on this? Would you like to see Max Payne 4 over GTA 6? Or would you rather see something like L.A. Noire get another sequel?


Rockstar have such a rich history of franchises to draw from for their next title. They've also had a team working on GTA 5 for the past three years and its various remasters. Therefore, there's a huge part of Rockstar that have been developing something, even before the release date of GTA 5. But what could it be? And what would you want it to be? Will this year hold a surprise for all of us?

Let us know what you think in the comments guys, and tell us if GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Max Payne 4 sounds more appealing to you!


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