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Whenever your mom falls in love with an alien, things are destined to get very, very weird. Sometimes that weirdness is enough to be the subject of a movie! In the case of Stepsister From Planet Weird, the sci-fi family comedy that came out in 2000, this happens and the results are hysterical.

The movie casually, delicately, and effectively deals with divorce in the movie. Clearly, it had a pretty crazy storyline.

Remember this?

Have you ever wondered what that cast is up to now?

Megan Larson (Played by Courtnee Draper)

As you can see, Ms. Draper went from brunette to blonde over the course of the 15 years that have passed since this film came out. Recently, she's done a ton of voice work in video games.

Ariel Cola (Played by Tamara Hope)

She's aged really well! She was the weird alien stepsister that the title of the movie speaks of. Nowadays, Tamara Hope is on the Murdoch Mysteries TV series.

Cosmo Cola (Played by Lance Guest)

Lance Guest played the alien who falls in love with a human. He was therefore, the father of the stepsister, Ariel. Guest was in Late Phases in 2014.

Kathy Larson (Played by Khrystyne Haje)

She was the mother and lover of the alien. Some would say, this makes her the reason for the stepsisters meeting! Haje's last film was God Loves ME Best from 2009.

Trevor Larson (Played by Myles Jeffrey)

The annoying little brother grew up in to a handsome chap for sure. Recently, he's had his fair share of voice roles.


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