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I have a massive issue, people. I get so irked thinking about a person dragging their nails across a chalkboard. I cringe, it makes my teeth hurt for some odd nonsensical reason, and I absolutely abhor it.

Remember when scar pulled this crap in The Lion King?

Zazu and I are completely on the same page. This is an animated cartoon, and I am still having a massive freakout over it.

It sometimes gets so bad, I can't even be in the same room as a chalkboard. Thank you to the geniuses who invented dry erase boards and to my school for switching chalkboards out, because I was nearing a nervous breakdown.

If you have never played before, the goal is to get through this post without a flinch, a noise of irritation, or a goosebump. Below are the rules:

Turn your speakers up and keep your eyes wide open, because ready or not, here they come!

1. Must...Tuck...In

2. We Need A Lint Roller Stat!

3. Oh, The Horror!

And this is what is actually happening beneath the surface. Yikes!

4. This Needs to Stop Immediately

Check out the entire video below if you care to get the full effect, including sound.

5. The WORST Noise in the World

6. Who the Hell Messed This Up?

7. Ever Heard of Personal Space?!

8. Through the Nose, Please

That sound just kills me:

9. Don't Even Think About Doing This If You Want My Attention...

Don't tap my shoulder. Just don't.

10. No Sleep for Me Tonight

I have been in Marge's position way too many times to count. And it's terrible.

Oh, the agony!
Oh, the agony!

Did you really think we'd make it that easy for you?! Really?!

Let's see if you can get through these final hurdles...

Got Something In Your Throat?

Bet You Can't Handle This:

Or This!


In all honesty, just making this quiz for you guys made me squirm and yell an obscenity every now and then. I also realized I have a LOT of pet peeves for such a "chill" and "relaxed" person. Things have really been put into perspective for me today...


Be honest! How well did you do?


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