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Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is doing a tremendous job of teasing some of the major players in the new movie - but especially so when it comes to Luke Skywalker. The two trailers have not even offered a Kylo Ren style look at his back, though we do get to hear the sweet dulcet tones of Mark Hamill's voice leading us through the most recent teaser. This narration, with Luke talking about how the force is strong in his family, does a great job of deepening the mystery around the plot of Star Wars Episode 7 while at the same time hinting at what's to come.

The Force is Strong In My Family

As time and numerous rumors, spoilers and plot leaks have emerged regarding Star Wars Episode 7 and its new characters, the theory that Daisy Ridley's character of Rey is in fact Luke Skywalker's daughter has gotten stronger with each passing day. Of course, we don't know who Luke is talking to in this narration from the second teaser trailer, but it is strongly implied that it is indeed Daisy Ridley's Rey.

Daisy Ridley's Rey from Star Wars Episode 7.
Daisy Ridley's Rey from Star Wars Episode 7.

A new rumor over at the Star Wars Episode 7 spoiler factory that is the Making Star Wars site has posted some new scene details that further strengthens this rumor. The scene is primarily about some action with the Millennium Falcon having to come to an emergency stop and all but crash landing on the planet of the "Evil Castle" - now being referred to as the First Order Castle.

One of the confusing things in this new rumor from MSW - and it wouldn't be a new rumor from MSW without some head scratching confusion - is that it is first described as being a crash landing on the snowy planet that we've heard much about and even seen glimpses of in the new trailer. But then it describes the Millennium Flacon crashing through trees as it comes to it's abrupt landing, which makes me wonder if it is indeed the same planet that we've seen the new Empire's First Order setting up a strong presence on.

Concept art for Star Wars Episode 7.
Concept art for Star Wars Episode 7.

One of the big hints about Luke and Rey's relationship comes in the passing of Luke's lightsaber. In the speculation surrounding this new rumor, it is further established that Leia is turning over the lightsaber to Finn in the hopes that it will end up in the hands of Rey. From the sound of things it seems like this mysterious character of "Rose" is playing a big part in making sure this lightsaber ends up in the right hands.

Does Rey Have That Power Too?

But perhaps the biggest clue in here is the reveal that Rey is using some mind control skills to put a whammy on some Stormtroopers. This has lead to all sorts of speculation about how strong the force is in this girl and whether or not she's been keeping this skills on the down low for some time. All these rumors are definitely raising far more questions then they're answering and if Rey does have these kind of advanced skills that are described in this leaked scene description - than where does she come from?

The Star Wars 7 planet of Jakku.
The Star Wars 7 planet of Jakku.

A big clue seemed to be revealed during Star Wars Celebration when details about this desert planet that Rey lives on at the beginning of Star Wars Episode 7 were more or less confirmed. JJ Abrams explained that this is a somewhat new planet in the Star Wars mythology called Jakku. This was followed by a description of how these people ended up here - that sometime after the events of Return of the Jedi there was a battle and a Star Destroyer crashed onto the planet. There were many survivors that the Empire failed to rescue and the people set about setting up a community on Jakku, all the while harboring some deep Empire resentment for how they were treated.

A Jakku of all Trades

Given Rey's age, this would put her as being born on Jakku by survivors from this crash and she has grown to be a scavenger - someone who jets around on her speeder, collecting spare parts from the crashed vehicles and remnants from this old battle. But is there something else entirely going on here? How would someone whose parents were on a crashed Star Destroyer grow up to have Jedi-like mind control powers? Could it be that there was some truth to the earlier rumors that she was placed on Jakku by Luke Skywalker after the community was formed to keep her hidden and protected?

All this and more seems to be fair game as far as figuring out whether or not Rey is actually of humble origins who gets caught up in the events of Star Wars Episode 7 or if that lightsaber finds it's way into her hands for a very specific reason. And we haven't even gotten into all of that "is she Kylo Ren's brother?" sub-section of these rumors. Let's save that for another day, shall we? We're ranking this current rumor at a probability of around 6.5.

What do you think? What is the story of Daisy Ridley's Rey in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)? Is she Luke Skywalker's daughter? Is she the new hope of Episode 7 and the rightful new owner of Luke's lightsaber? Take to the comments and share your favorite rumors!


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