ByJoe Virgili, writer at
Joe Virgili

First off I would like to state I have only read bits of the plot and seen the first teaser way back when it was announced. That being said around 3 years ago my ex-wife and myself started writing a script for a short made for YouTube film the title was up in the air but was almost dead set on Truth or Die. The script was coming along had the cast all ready when I fell into a deep depression that essentially killed the movie. As of now you may be asking what does this have to do with "Unfriended" the premise of my film was similar not the same but slight similarities it was going to be done in Stickam a old chat website where 5 friends would be haunted by a former friend who committed suicide while on webcam with them. I saw parts of the plot summary and it brought back so many memories and I could only wonder if my movie had been made would it have a similar style of success? Would you have watched it? Also note I am in no way saying that my idea was "stolen" the only people who knew about it were involved with it I have no hatred for the film I wish them the best of luck as I hear Unfriended 2 was confirmed.


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