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To Say That martial art's sensation Paul Mormando has made a tremendous comeback, is an understatement!

After completing his long awaited feature film Double Fist, which has been his pet project for over two decades, Mormando;s career has been on high speed.

William Lee's latest Film BADFELLAZ
William Lee's latest Film BADFELLAZ

We have just learned that he has been cast opposite Joe Estevez (SOUL TAKER) as, Mister Z'dar in the upcoming feature film "BADFELLAZ", which has been written and is being directed by William Lee (DARK TARGET). Mormando will play the bodyguard to Estevez's character Charles Foster Kane. We are told he will have plenty of opportunity to use his lethal martial arts skills in this role.

The film is currently shooting in Ohio, At this time the script is being kept confidential, but I was told it is "A seriously funny film about seriously violent people".

Also fans should be on the lookout for his new web series " The American Sensei" which, we have reported on earlier this month.


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