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For those who hadn't seen the movie please don't read its full of spoiler thanks :-)

A very good movie full of action sci-fi and many special effects also its great as its own way, josh whedon really revolutionize Earth-199999 universe action pack also with surprise twist at the end and the beginning. i really thought that baron bon strucker has a bigger role. just like in the comics. the maxinoff twins really are a great as being acted and their accents are great i am really surprise that they get away with its origin not mentioning magneto or the word mutants at all. as for the story its a kinda nice that tony stark uses the mind gem to create ultron is a entertaining story line. and changes a lot of origins in the part of ultron and vision this time the two mad scientist are involved. instead of one mad scientist. classic ultron design with some modifications and his character is humorous in this one. because tony stark is his father. as for hulk after this film they really need to have a hulk movie its pure awesome the gorilla movements are accurate and not to mentioned his battle with hulkbuster its a comical fight. captain america looks bright for his costume its a realistic way his the same leader and also has full of pride. it seems that its a start up in captain america: civil war. as for shield its back again i hope they will explain it more in marvels agents of shield and what did nick fury do to bring back shield. its nice to see falcon and war machine again. i really hope that falcon has a significant role in the movies but his appearance is a nice cameo . when i see the falcon and war machine in the movie i really thought that they will join against the battle of ultron instead falcon has other duties and war machine was in the right time to stop those ultron body's modified A.I attacking the helicarrier. that team up between him with ironman was action pack scene with entertaining CGI. ironman also was expressive of his thoughts with added more humor and also finds a way to continue his motives. that's why ultron and vision was made up sure ultron made the body but tony stark made vision. with vibranium means vision can survive a nuclear bomb. if marvel has the rights of the x-men they would make ultron adamantium just like in the comics. but instead his just an ordinary ultron robot. but ultron can shift himself to thousands of ultron robot that's a bit of okay. and they really need to introduce an older hank pym to this story because its quit more interesting for the upcoming movie ant man just have him a cameo like a scene which tony starks approach hank pym to give tony advice's and by there he gains an idea to create ultron's A.I which that idea almost destroy an populated city. just that small cameo can work. and for the battle of los angeles between the tech left behind by the chitauri hydra experiments those tech unfortunately ultron kills strucker to gain the chiaturi tech and combining ironman's tech to take events of the final battle in avengers age of ultron. as for the drama 3 words to discribed (unexpected awesome drama) but i never expected that bruce banner-natasha romanoff love story. heck i never expected that hawkeye has a family. but its a great idea so it has more drama then the first avengers movie. and for the kicker that makes me look down of this movie is quicksilver dies he could join the new avengers its way awesome but instead they kill him off . but i really want him to have more appearance in the marvel cinematic universe. i hope he is alive and not dead at all. he could be revive by using the methods to bring agent phil coulson back to the world of the living. scarlet wich on the other hand he rips of the mechanic heart of ultron in order for her revenger for her brother he show his true power by exploding killing those ultron robots and scary thing about her he is still growing anf hpe he can survive following the death of her brother by joining the new avengers. as for hulk leaving the avengers i think its just its good for the story so bruce banner can settle his mind and escape that thought that he roomed whiled in the city killing innocent civilians . until he shows up again in captain america: civil i really believe that the Natasha-banner love story is far from over. because banner finds comfort in the hands of Natasha . as for thor has return to asgard to report about the infinity gauntlet. as for vision who lift thors hammer easily i think vision is worthy for the mjolnir. and as for the mind gem its in vision that's why i think that visions gonna get killed in the infinity wars thanos will get the mind gem to complete the infinity gems vision has a bounty on his head . and finally wakanda i mean wakanda is been frequently mention in the avengers movie and Ulysses Klaw who is best known as an adversary for Black Panther. i surely hope black panther will make his debut and that can change the landscape in the captain america: civil war. i also believe that ultron is still alive. i just can believe the confrontation between vision and ultron that leads to ultron being destroyed or erased.

my best fight of the movie
my best fight of the movie


hope you enjoy my review and my ideals about the movie thank you

and sorry for those mistaken grammars


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