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How has the entertainment industry changed? As my generation grows into the adults of this society, we bring something special with us.

We are the first generation that grew up with speedy Internet and cell phones. We were the first to embrace social media as we launched our MySpace pages. Along with that, we became focused more than ever on content.

We want content, when we want it, and if we don't get it - we will make our own. We learned the mistakes first, and that would pave the way for the future.


So why does that matter? It matters because the entertainment field is changing. For once, we live in an era where anyone can get their content out there, to the whole world. If you wanted to show off your short film before, you had to get a theater to show it. Now people's theaters are on their phones and they can watch your video anywhere, at anytime.

The content has shifted from one mass-produced piece to the masses producing pieces. This 'On Demand' generation - as we age - will bring this thought process to the mainstream. Just look at how many movies have eagerly switched to releasing their film on VOD and some even exclusively to VOD only.

Now we don't have to wait for the big guys to produce something. Fan films are getting better and better. Those people are now getting jobs in the entertainment field and thus we will be in control soon.

We, the Millennials, want our content now and those who can see that will utilize that platform. Netflix is leading the way in this movement by dropping their whole seasons at once. No more ads because they know we don't care about them anyway. They focus on the content. The person who can pump out the most content for the cheapest price wins. HBO is trying to throw their hat in the ring with HBO Now. Sadly, I don't see it being a Netflix killer. What I do see happening is Netflix working deals with production companies to bring them to their team. If HBO Now is unsuccessful, I see them striking a deal with Netflix or similar company. And, I for one, wouldn't mind paying a few extra bucks on top of my Netflix subscription to get HBO.

Right now we are in the Wild Wild West of this new kind of entertainment industry. Where we go will be in the hands of the 20 - 30-year-old people of our country. We are the bridge to the new future and we will win. The On Demand generation wants our content now - or we'll just make it ourselves.

Netflix and YouTube will be the new WB and Paramount. It may not look so now, but when creators out in the world can start making films on par with the standard movies in theaters, you will see the shift happen. The shift from ads selling content to content being the money-maker. It may not happen in a day but the future does looks bright.


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