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Simon Pegg is a busy guy. Not only is he already doing some rounds to promote his big summer movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, he's been promoted in the Star Trek ranks from Scotty to Screen Writer. I'm sure there was a nice bump in pay to ease the pain of the overnight cramming sessions that are probably underway in order to get a script ready for a movie that's set to debut July 8, 2016. For a movie like Star Trek 3, it sounds like they're just getting in under the wire.

An Official Title For Star Trek 3?

Even though Pegg and co-writer Doug Jung are still working on the final draft but that hasn't stopped casting and locations from being secured. But the biggest recent reveal may be that the movie has found it's official title - so as not to be confused with Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock on the internet anymore. According to, the third movie in the franchise reboot is set to be called Star Trek Beyond.

Will Spock and Kirk be heading to a desert planet in Star Trek 3?
Will Spock and Kirk be heading to a desert planet in Star Trek 3?

It's not the most attention grabbing title, but it is a step up from Star Trek Into Darkness and it does make some thematic sense given the bits and pieces of information that we've received from Pegg and others associated with the new Star Trek movie. According to Simon Pegg this third instalment will find the crew in the midst of their 5 year mission out in the wilderness of space and unexplored galaxies.

If you take that into consideration, that the new Star Trek movie will be going back to its roots concerning "frontierism" and exploring the unknown, then Star Trek Beyond just might fit perfectly with what the movie has planned for us. Also, the folks at TrekMovie aren't ones to go making things up so this scoop is coming with a touch more legitimacy than some of the other ones we deal with every day.

In other Star Trek 3 news, we have the recent addition of Sofia Boutella - the scene stealing Gazelle from Kingsman: The Secret Service in a mystery role. Just as mysterious is the rumor that Idris Elba might be playing the movie's main villain. But the instant speculation that he would be playing a Klingon in the movie were quickly shot down by Simon Pegg himself.

There has also been the persistent rumor that Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston has been in negotiations to play the villain in this movie as well. Certainly there can be more than one bad guy - but it is interesting to think of Breaking Bad's Walter White and The Wire's Stringer Bell teaming up to take down Spock, Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew. That's some high functioning evil to contend with!

An interesting bit of information surfaced recently about the increasingly popular movie production destination of Dubai being secured for use in the upcoming shoot. The report points to Simon Pegg having visited the desert shoot of Star Wars Episode 7 as a possible source of inspiration for writing a desert planet into the Star Trek 3 script. We'll have to see how this manifests itself in the movie and if it won't seem a little too familiar to people after the experience of Star Wars 7.

As far as this new title rumor - Star Trek Beyond sounds pretty solid and considering source we're rating the probability of it at a 7.6.

What do you think? Are things shaping up for an epic Star Trek adventure? Will the movie suffer from the huge shadow of Star Wars 7? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below!


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