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After seeing GotG for the second time (and loving it much more than the first time) I prepared myself for what I expected to be another Blade: Trinity, a franchise ruiner. This film is Terminator: Salvation the fourth film in the terminator franchise which revolves around an adult John Connor fighting back against Skynet as part of the human resistance who plans to destroy Skynet's operations center; Terminator: Salvation is directed by McG and stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Michael Ironside, Helena Bonham Carter and Bryce Dallas Howard.

There aren't many positives to this film but the ones that I can think of are: the special effects are good, there is good action and there are some tense moments. To expand, as this is the latest film in the franchise its no surprise the special effects are the best compared to all the other films and everything looks realistic; all the action scenes are good and some of them even have tension.

As expected there are many negatives, which include: poor acting, simple plot, slow story progression, there is a lack of Arnie, the action scenes aren't fun, bad script and bad direction. To expand on this list, the actors in this film are normally good actors but most of the performances are either flat or overacted; Christian Bale pretty much shouts and grunts the whole movie and is just not a fit for John Connor. Some of this may be due to the direction and script which is obvious in parts, I always say a film that has a character on their knees looking in the sky screaming 'NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' is never good; however there are exceptions to the bad acting, I liked Michael Ironside and parts of Sam Worthington's performance. The plot to this film is extremely simple and because of this the story progression is slow as there isn't much to build off. Part of what made the other films great is the charisma of Arnie and no one fits his shoes which leaves the film missing something; another thing that made the others great is the fun action scenes and humour (which compensated for the simple plots), neither of these are present in this film.

Overall the film wasn't as bad as I was expecting and it is actually watchable but I still wouldn't consider it a good film and is not close to the quality of the old films; for these reasons and the others I have mentioned I rate this film:



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