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Hey! Did you know that the future has arrived? In a world where technology reigns as King, and the idea that face to face interactions have gone the way of the Dino's, its hard to believe that there are some that don't even have an email.

My neighbor is that person. She's one that still calls it the interwebs and not in a hipster, ironic way. I also live on a mountain where most folks utilize their flip phones primarily as calculators.

My point? Getting there...

The interwebs have provided so many avenues for people to express themselves; by video rant, blog post or internet meme just to name a few. Twitter, Facebook, tumblr... along with Vine, YouTube, SnapChat have made it possible for people to praise or condem, uplift or degrade, and more simply, like or hate just about everything.

But, this is Moviepilot, so let's take the reigns of my ramblings and direct them towards TV and Movies specifically. As a blogger, primarily about TV, I make a (scarce) living by sharing my opinions on certain shows. I can rant and rave and share my thoughts or theories in a piece that boasts more than 1000 words. A piece that took hours to research, proof read, stalk pictures for and eventually post across social media. A piece that I am beyond proud of or guilty for, yet it goes out to the interwebs will all the love, hope and promise I wrote it with.

What happens most times is that it gets lost in all the others doing the same. So, I question, what makes mine different then theirs? My mostly sarcastic and satirical tone? My ever present charm and whit? Nope.

It's about likeability

If you're presence on said interweb isn't that big, or people can't find you, or like you, then it really doesn't matter how eloquent you are. Becoming a social media mogul is really the only way for the millions of people out there, to find you.

Let's say you get that piece out there about The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, two of the most watched shows in history... And let's say that you get it featured or lots of reads... What's next? Fame? Riches? Do you become the next Siskel or Ebert?Again, nope. No, you get something far worse... Trolls.

They are many and they are loud, and they are the things my nightmares are made of. Well, that and Joffrey Baratheon.

I digress... Gone are the days of the water cooler chats about the latest death of a beloved character; lost are the moments we swooned over characters getting together while lunching with friends. Not saying that these conversations don't exist, but even with the friends we have IRL these happen (most of the time) through a chat, text or comment feed. Yet, most times its lost to the trolls.

Point, yeah, I'm getting there...

As a community of fans of TV, Movies, Comics or Video Games, we Moviepiloters strive to present material we love, have labored over and have a passion for. When I sit down to write my latest love letter to the shows mentioned above, or share my thoughts on a Dream Cast for my favorite movie that's not even in production yet, I'm doing so to reach out to other fans to start a respectable conversation, not a war.

So, that point I've been promising... Let's use social media to chat about entertainment in ways that are fun, playful, insightful and logical. Let's save the word war for the politics, wars, and general insanity of the world.

After all, this is all entertainment my friends. Nothing but one TV geek sharing with a community of (not-always-so) like-minded TV geeks. Let's play nice and if we can't agree who's a better superhero, leave out the name calling and just fight to the death... On XBox of course!


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