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Halo was the very first Xbox game I ever played. It is one of the reasons I play Xbox to this day. Sadly though, Halo just isn't what it used to be. It has been, what much of the gaming community calls, Codifide. Meaning that it is turning into a Call of Duty (CoD). Lets think about it though, all of the sudden once 343 Industries makes their own version of Halo, Halo 4, it has sprinting for only a few seconds (not as an armor ability), kill cams, perks, and custom classes. Then its got the same crappy net-code as Call of Duty also. Now I know that other games also have these, but what franchise is famous for these exact things. Yes I know that Bungie leaving the Halo series to them that I should have seen some changes coming, but lets be serious, when it turns into CoD with a Halo Skin and a few other things from Halo, it's just sad. 343 actually managed to ruin one of the , former, Best game series to exist. Now all these CoD fanboys who also like Halo think its perfect and nothing is wrong with it, wonder why people are leaving Halo and going to other games. OPEN YOUR EYES! It is no longer the classic Halo we miss. Now don't blame Bungie for leaving, they have their reasons, 343 industries is the one to blame. They are responsible for screwing up the game. Their best seller right now is the Master Chief Collection, and technically its because of Bungie since all 343 did was remaster some graphics and add there failing game to it. They actually took a lot of the customization away from the games. Back on subject though, Halo just isn't "Halo" anymore and you can argue all you want, but inside you know its the truth.


What was your favorite "Halo" game?


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