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If you have seen this summer's blockbuster [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). You'll obviously know as well as the movie being completely bad ass, Quicksilver sadly died...lets see if we can get him back by sharing

Quicksilver died being a true Avenger. Ultron had began to lost, he saw the empty Quinjet so Ultron took control of the Quinjet and started flying around firing the machine gun under the cockpit at our beloved team the Avenger's. At this time Hawkeye was in the middle of saving a little boy who had been separated from his mother who was aboard 1 of the transport's which was heading to the S.H.I.E.L.D hellicarrier.

Why in the process of saving the little boy, Ultron spotted Hawkeye and opened fire Hawkeye knowing there was no chance of out running the machine gun or the Quinjet he turned his back so the bullets would kill him and not the little boy. Quicksilver watching he ran as fast as he could towards Hawkeye and the little boy grabbing them and moving them to safety behind a car which was on its side.

When Hawkeye opened his eye's wondering why he wasn't died, he turned to see the heroic Quicksilver falling towards the ground with about around 5 to 6 bullet hole's in him just before falling to the ground Quicksilver said "You didn't see that coming" after he had said his line sadly he fell to the ground dead.

A lot of people who saw The Avengers Age of Ultron aren't happy with what happened to Quicksilver. He did not have enough screen time in the film being an Avenger. So this is what I am asking please if you agree we didn't see enough screen time of Quicksilver being an Avenger or you just want to see him back on our screens to be part of the team when the Avengers go into the final showdown against mad titan Thanos then PLEASE SHARE or SHARE this story with can also help by joining our Facebook Page at

We got out voice heard for Agent Phil Coulson. Lets get it heard for Quicksilver.


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