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In honor of my going to see the Avengers 2, I am going to write my informal review of The Avengers (2012).

There are many different superheroes out there. The good, the kinda good, and the bad. However, everyone asks themselves, who is the best? Why are they the best? Will they stay the best?

This is a question I asked myself, and I placed my finger down on the Avengers. I love everything Marvel, so it makes sense that my favorite super team would be the Avengers. I grew from someone who only kinda liked superheroes, to being Marvel obsessed, and it was thanks to Marvel's movies, including The Avengers.

Overall, the movie was great. There were definitely elements that could have been done better, and I will talk through those a bit as well.

There are three main elements I'm going to stick to while conducting my review: the team, the story, and beyond.

The Team

Watching this movie, I loved how it was not just throwing a bunch of people together and everything is peachy. There is conflict between all of them. No one wanted to work as a team. They struggled. Hence, this first scene where Thor jumps into the midst.

I love Thor's face....
I love Thor's face....

This was a group of people who hadn't really met. Clint and Tony had both met Natasha before, but otherwise, they had only heard of each other. Thor came from a different solar system!

I really appreciated that we got to see the team grow together as a team instead of everything just being happy go lucky.

Since most of the team members have their own movies, I won't say much about each one, as I will be doing reviews of each of those movies. However, I will mention a couple of my favorite members that don't have their own movie yet.

Something I will mention, when talking about the characters, is that I didn't appreciate how little Hawkeye/Clint Barton was actually in it. He wasn't well portrayed. Thankfully, the trailers for the Avengers 2 seem to show us that he will be a lot more interactive in the sequel.

Other than the superhero part of the team, we also have three other members of the team that need to be mentioned.

Nick Fury, what a character. Definitely the leader that gets the Avenger's butts in gear. I have liked Fury throughout the entire series. He reminds me a little of my dad, so that is probably why I like him.

Agent Hill is also a great character. She isn't in the first Avenger movie much, but knowing where she is going is why I am listing her. I look forward to seeing what else her character has to bring us.

Phil Coulson. The best non-Avenger ever. I have loved getting to know Agent Coulson through the series.

If I'm honest with myself, I am Phil Coulson when it comes to 'fangirling'. His infatuation with Captain America is something that I can relate to.

I also love what he brings to the storyline, which leads to my next section.

The Storyline

Here, we begin to see the amazing story building that Marvel has been working on since Iron Man. Things come together that started a long time ago.

The Avenger's started that far back, and the Tesseract was lost during the first Captain America movie. This is something that I really appreciate in all of the movies.

They all connect in some way.

And in The Avengers, a lot of these puzzle pieces came together and made this Marvel fan giddy.

When it comes to the villain, Loki, and what he brings to the story, I think we can all agree the man is confusing. There is something truly evil about him, but also a piece of you that wants to believe he can change. That is how I felt by the end of this movie. When he becomes broken, and even though he made me truly angry, there is still something in me that believes in him.

This makes for a great villain, at least in my opinion.

There was one moment in the movie when I realized how angry he made me.

And I think we can all agree about this. However, at that moment, there was still that piece of me that didn't believe Loki was still as evil as he was being. There was this piece of me that hoped for something different.

But maybe I was wrong.

Even though this scene made me upset, we can see why it was necessary. Each individual member saw that they had one thing that they could agree on. Everyone loved Coulson. So Loki actually helped instead of hindering more.

I have a small spoiler about the following picture, so unless you've watched all of the current Marvel movies, you probably don't want to read it.

The end scene, what could this possibly mean?
The end scene, what could this possibly mean?

This end scene, now that I understand it, is great. Just a small introduction to Thanos and how Loki was working under his control. As long as you've watched Guardians of the Galaxy, we can see that there is a lot more going on than first realized. I love how Marvel adds in so many extra scenes.

By the way, don't leave a Marvel movie unless you are absolutely sure that the movie is over.


So how do/did we move on from this movie? What does this movie mean for the Marvel Universe?

And will this team stay amazing?

In this movie, we watched as a team of heroes worked together to form an alliance. The Avengers are now this team that will work together to fix the problems in the world. Whether or not they stay that way depends on this next phase.

Now, here on the eve of the premiere of the Avengers 2, we will soon see how this first movie helped set up the sequel, and also what it holds for the Avengers.

And I really can't wait.


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