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Now that we are so close to the Avengers Age of Ultron, I figured we could distract everyone with these funny mixtures of superheroes.

So without further wait, here are my top eight best superhero mixes. Ps. This also includes DC characters so don't be too taken a back.

8) Iron America

Now I know the mixture might look a little plastic like, but it would actually be amazing to see Captain America dawn the Iron Man suit. These two as a pair would be awesome, but they would probably have some issues on who takes charge. Civil War anyone?

7) ThorBuster

Doesn't Thor kind of resemble Aquaman in this one?
Doesn't Thor kind of resemble Aquaman in this one?

This isn't exactly a mixture. We're going to see the Hulkbuster go head to head with the Hulk soon in the Avengers, but could we see the ThorBuster?

6) The Incredible Flash

Incredible strength, incredible speed this guy would be literally unstoppable. I would love to see something like what happened to Firestorm happen to him. Although that's just wishful thinking.

5) The Incredible Captain Iron Thunder Hawk Man

A mixture of all the Avengers accept Hulk and the Black Widow. Looks pretty good, but could it ever be a possibility. Probably not.

4) The Incredible Bat-Hulk

Imagine Hulk's sheer brute strength coupled with Batman's fighting ability and tactical thinking. Be afraid Superman, be very afraid.

3) The Iron Wolverine

Iron Man's great personality coupled with Wolverines speed, agility and fighting ability. Be afraid Captain, very Afraid.

2) The Iron Bat

This is a great piece of concept art. It looks so cool. Although in the suit is definitely Bruce Wayne, since staring off into the distance dramatically is totally his thing.

1) Iron Bat (Again)

These two guys have similar stories, and both of them are genius billionaires. However they are two very different people, and merging them would lead to some interesting character choices either way.


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