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7) The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

This movie was my least favorite out of the Fast and Furious franchise because first of all, none of the main characters were in it other than Han. The plot came across to me boring and somewhat pointless. I thought that Han and Sean were the only good characters of Tokyo Drift. The best part of this film is when Dom appears at the very end.

6) 2 Fast 2 Furious

This one seems to fall as everybody's least favorite. I like this one better than Tokyo Drift because it had Brian O' Conner starring in the film. Also, I liked how this installment introduced Roman Pierce and Tej Parker. Carter Verone was not a good villain. I think that Eva Mendes was a great addition to the cast. She should appear in an upcoming installment. The best part of the movie was when Brian jumped the car into the boat.

5) The Fast and the Furious

This is the film that started the whole series. The characters, location, and plot are great. I love how Brian was a cop who became friends with Dom, a criminal. This movie is all about the racing. All the characters started out as racers and have a love for fast cars. All of the actors did a a great job with their parts. I don't think that Johnny Tran was a good villain though. The best part of this film is the scene at the end with the truck hi jack where Vince gets caught on the truck.

4) Fast and Furious

This installment is very underrated in my opinion. I think this movie is excellent. Fast and Furious reunited all of the original characters to start an action packed story line that carries on for many more installments. I love how Brian and Mia hit back together and how Dom and Brian renewed their friendship. Arturo Braga was a great villain, and the tunnel scenes were awesome. Letty's "death" was an interesting twist to the franchise. The best scene of this film was the very beginning when Dom, Letty, Han, and the rest of the crew hijacked a truck in the Dominican Republic.

3) Fast Five

The most common favorite of the Fast and Furious saga is the fifth installment "Fast Five," but this is falls as third in my ranking. Fast Five reunites characters from all films except Tokyo Drift because Tokyo Drift takes place after "Fast & Furious 6." This film creates a large cast of criminals to pull a huge job. The Rock made this series much better. Also, I think that Han and Gisele were great together. This movie is fantastic, but I honestly don't think it should be number one. The best part of the movie is when Dom and Brian pull a vault throught Rio.

2) Fast & Furious 6

The sixth installment of the fast and furious franchise is phenomenal. It has great action and a great plot. I love how Letty never really died and had amnesia and was rolling with Owen Shaw, one of the best villains of the franchise. All the actors did an amazing job of showing the theme of this series which is family. Family is an important thing in then series. This movie is unrealistic at sometimes but I still love it. The best scene of the film is the ridiculously long runway scene at the end. This is probably my favorite scene of the entire franchise.

1) Furious 7

Fast and Furious' latest installment, "Furious 7," is the best of the franchise. I didn't think that anything could top "Fast & Furious 6" until I saw "Furious 7" drop cars out of a plane and jump a Lykan Hypersport through three skyscrapers. This film has the best action scenes and an awesome villain, Deckard Shaw. Kurt Russell was a great addition to the cast. I love how the cast went back to LA where the series started, and I love how this movie had a connection to every movie. It was about time a movie connected to Tokyo Drift. Paul Walker died during the making of the movie and his brothers stepped and CGI was used on them to finish the movie. At the end there was an emotional tribute to Paul Walker. This movie was perfect. The best scene was when they dropped the cars out of the plane.

What is your favorite Fast and Furious film?


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