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Now I absolutely love video games, my favorite type of genre is RPGs. If someone told me to play Dragon Age: Inquisition I would tell them sure sarcastically just for the simple fact that this is my first time ever playing a Dragon Age game in the series (I’m a late bloomer).

Now last year for Christmas I asked my fiancé to get me this for Christmas and nothing else guaranteeing me actually getting the game.

As I opened up the game I was excited and not surprised I received the game. I played the game and got mix feelings about it since EA is the publisher behind the game and they obviously have a terrible track record (SimCity, The Sims 3).

My first initial thought as I started the game was that the story kind of bored me and that I wanted to get to the action (fighting dragons and bad guys).

As I played more of the game and got further into it, I loved the game more and more.

The story gets better and better as you progress, you learn the main characters stories, and you become enthralled.

I can’t begin to tell you how long it took me to beat the game, it took forever because just like Skyrim you get sidetracked with side missions, caves, helping the towns people; did I mention side missions? If I didn’t do any side missions, I would’ve beaten the game sooner.

Overall the game is fantastic. Visually it was stunning, the game would glitch more towards the end of the main game which at times would frustrate me since I would have almost beaten the main boss and a dragon. I found myself having to just turn the game off and turn it back on. When I turned the game back on and started that mission again, it would actually start up where I left off which was a life saver.

The costume and character design is incredible. I can’t begin to tell you how long it took for me to design character, my favorite part about character design was the fact I could add scars to my face or what I like to call battle scars.

If you have debated on whether or not to play this game, please go get it, definitely a must have.

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