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Comic books are all about evolving. Characters change, storylines change, direction changes and writers change. Some changes work, like Kyle Rayner becoming Green Lantern or Wally West becoming The Flash, while others fail miserably like Bruce Wayne dying in Final Crisis or the infamous clone saga. But, one thing that has always stood true is when we know a huge change is about to happen, we can't seem to look away. The Death of Superman is seen as one of those moments. In Marvel, it happened with "Superior Spider-man". People regarded that saga as a mess, but yet, it was a huge seller in the past few years of Marvel history. Now, what does Snyder and Capullo have planned for their finale to "Endgame"? Well it's not exactly a spoiler to know that something is going to happen because we have a new Batman in town in June(and he makes his first appearance next week in Divergence). We also know that people have been very critical about this set, yet, people do not seem to dislike it.

The main saga of Endgame has been about the relationship between Batman and the Joker. In "The Killing Joke", it was mentioned that the two characters needed each other to survive. That is also seen in this final part of the saga. Snyder again does an incredible job showing the relationship between these two enemies(or as Batman states in this issue...."friends") as they come upon a crossroads in their battles. Joker again explains that Batman is not a hero, as these problems would happen in Gotham City whether he existed or not. Batman explains that he is different from most other heroes in that he is human and can actually die. Most of this issue is a duel between the two enemies, and it's drawn with perfection by Capullo yet again. The emotion,the artistic scenes and the violence are portrayed perfectly. When the dust finally settles, both characters are left with one final decision to make, and both must make it to determine the resolution of the other. It's tragedy by the end, and we get to watch it all unfold before our eyes. People will be angry about this issue because we know what is coming next. But, as in comics we also know that nothing is truly "the end"(or in this case,the "endgame"). If Snyder can write like this, and still successfully tie up every single loose end that he created in this set, then I have faith in him for the next saga of "Batman". I give this issue a 9 out of 10.


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