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i wish i had read all batman comics
Gonçalo Silva

Just like the first track of the Official Soundtrack says, you put a spell on me, a spell that doesn't let me get to an opinion about this movie.

I heard of it through friends, girl friends who were all hooked up about the books and couldn't wait to see the movie. It had been 5 years since last time i went to the cinema and i wanted to join them! So i bought the book and started reading it. I actually liked it, the reading experience is much more deep than the movie. Well, the movie.

They rushed, and they rushed the whole story so it could fit in a 120 minute .mp4 file, at least that's what i felt. When i went to see the movie i had 4 chapters till i finished the first book so the last minutes of it would be a surprise to me, and they were, but when the movie ended i didn't feel the "mission accomplished" way, felt like something was stilll needed.

*Pretend to moan*
*Pretend to moan*

There were amazing moments and that i need to say, when Christian took Anastasia flying in the helycopter while in the background "Love Me Like You Do" played. That moment was my favorite part of the movie and probably the most romantic.

The soundtrack. Obviously a marketing move to bring so many famous singers into doing the soundtrack for the most talked about "romantic" movie of the year (or more). But it doesn't take the credit. And congratulations for bringing BEYONCÉ to this project, what an accomplishment.

Do i sometimes feel like watching it again? Yes. Am i going to finish reading the 3 books? Maybe.

Did Christian love Anastasia and Anastasia love Christian?

This was my first review, hope that in the future i'll see this one as the "i was so bad back there"


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