ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the last few weeks, Convergence has been an excellent trip down memory lane for all the old-time fans of DC. Many people have been upset with the direction that the comic company has gone in recent years(New 52 and beyond), and miss the days from before the giant change. But, fans also remember that DC is known for rebooting it's franchise, and this is technically the 4th time that they have done it. But, as many people can agree with, the true nostalgia of this set has come from the tie-ins and seeing the return of the writers who made these characters famous. The overall actual set has been tolerable, but nothing more. In a way, it has just been a continuation of the Earth 2 series, and this issue does no different.

Last week, we saw Thomas Wayne kill himself to defeat a number of Batman's foes. Why? Well,that's a story that nobody can truly explain. This week, we see Telos take Dick Grayson on a tour of the planet and display to him how easy it is to make people fight each other when survival is on the lines. But, by showing only one panel of each fight, we really are not getting anywhere in the storyline. Elsewhere, the other characters of Earth 2 are pursuing Warlord who decides to being the next "Big Bad" into this set(gee, nobody saw this coming). As a comic, the issue is a mess. Not just in terms of writing, but also in terms of art.There are 7 artists assigned to this issue, and you never know what artist you will see on the next page of this comic. Add into it dialogue that goes nowhere and just seems as a reminder to us that we need to read the tie-ins to see any of the battles going on in the set. I went into this set with open arms and hoped that it would be good. So far, I have enjoyed a majority of the tie-ins more then I enjoyed any of this set. This issue, in my opinion was the worst of the four so far. I give this issue a 3 out of 10.


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