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If the title doesn't explain itself, then perhaps I can clarify. These are those movies that when you're going through your channel guide, Netflix list, or whatever way you chose to watch movies and you have to stop and think "That can't be real." But these are (unfortunately in some cases) real movies.

So for this list I decided to set some ground rules.

  • Not going over some of the older movies. As ridiculous as "Body Snatchers" are, those were normal for that time (note: older as in 50's or 60's. 70's and younger: you're vulnerable)
  • The movie has to be over-the-top ridiculous, not just "that was kinda stupid" ridiculous

Also one last thing I need to clarify. While these movies can be ridiculous, this is about information, not ranting. Stupid concepts can still be good movies. People first thought The Princess Bride had a couple screws loose, but it's a classic now. Not that I'm saying these movies are fantastic, simpily that no matter what the movie is, the goal was to entertain, and this page wouldn't exist if they didn't. So I am going to pay my respects now before the sarcasm begins.

So here are 5 ridiculous movies that you wouldn't believe are actually real.


One of my first "wait what?" movies, Arachnoquake is a movie about earthquakes that are opening up different layers in the earth which contains lareger, scarier, and more evolved spiders than what we normally see in the world (cause some spiders aren't terrifying enough as it is). Being one of Sci-fi's "treasures" you can expect some just slightly less than average acting, graphics that look like they were made by my high school graphics team, and more than likely a less than satisfying ending that'll probably end with something exploding (not guarenteeing that is the end, mostly because it's been a while since i've seen this).


For those of you who aren't laughing Piranhaconda is another Sci-fi film that involves a Piranha-Anaconda hybrid terrorizing people. How this came to be, I don't know. I imagine that somebody one day thought "well I like piranhas, and I like big snakes, eh why don't we just put the two together." and poof: Piranhaconda was born. At least, I wish I could "poof" movies into existence. Although it seems that's the effort that was put into this movie as you can expect top of the line acting (sarcastic comment #1), graphics that'll make you jump out of your seat (sarcastic comment #2), and an ending that more than likely won't feature explosions! (Sarcastic comment #3).


Yes i'm dead serious about this one. Mostly because you'll probably laugh your way through this. Not going to lie, it is a good concept, even though execution-wise It does belong with the rest of the group. At least we can be thankful for having A St. Patrick's Day movie (regardless of the fact that most of us probably won't watch it more than twice).

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I'm still recovering from this experience. Not that the clowns are legitimately scary, but Killer Klowns from Outer Space may be the beginning of all clown phobias for absolutely no reason. I would try to make a "this is an older movie" excuse, but Jaws and Goonies are old and, at least in my opinion, are very good films. However, our Klown friends deliver us bad acting, graphics, and sometimes even make-up (which you would think would be spot on for a CLOWN movie). I think we know who was smoking esscence of canned chicken while trying to write a movie.

And 300% failure, mind you.
And 300% failure, mind you.


Possibly the mother of all ridiculous movies (and second famous, running close behind Sharknado), Sharktopus is about another hybrid monster movie which is a mix between, you guessed it, a shark and an octopus. Trust me when I say that this movie is an experience nobody should be spared from. I try to give sci-fi movies credit. I try to understand the position the creators are placed within considering acting options, graphics team, and bugdet. But this movie is, at least in many peoples opinion, just plain wrong. First of all, the concept isn't terrible, but could use another couple years in development. Second, the acting in this movie isn't just bad, it's pretty close to what my 3rd grade class play looked like. And finally, there are points where I wonder "How did this ever get passed the desk of absolutely ANY official?"

I try to keep ranting to a minimum, but that'll require me to stop talking. So if you want to experience the peak of wasted movie money, go ahead and watch Sharktopus and tell me how long you lasted through the movie without suffering the equivalent of a nuclear face-palm.

Do you have a movie that feel is recognizing of it's "Wait what"-ness? Leave it in the comments for us all to witness!

And as always, have a great day.


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