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So far the only returning cast member to "Jurassic World" is BD Wong as Dr Henry Wu, that is until now.

Director of the upcoming sequel, Colin Trevorrow said the following about a returning character:

"The T-Rex in this movie is the same T-Rex from "Jurassic Park"....She's been on the island for 22 years. She's still alive. She's a little older, and she's angry."

As a life long fan of the original "Jurassic Park" this has added a lot more excitement to the upcoming fourth film in the franchise. Apart from Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm, my favorite character from "Jurassic Park" is the T-Rex, I had numerous toys of the Dinosaur growing up, I had the damn thing painted on my wall as a child! I cannot wait to see the same creature on the big screen again!

This neat little easter egg probably won't play into the plot at all, it will probably be revealed in a small line of dialogue, but just knowing that the T-Rex in the new movie is the same Dinosaur audiences first saw back in 1993 has given me a lot more to look forward to.

I've been very skeptical of "Jurassic World", I loved the first teaser, but everything released from then on hasn't been great in my opinion, but this small tidbit has made this fan very happy.

You can see a glimpse of the Dino in the new "Jurassic World" trailer.

A fleeting glimpse of the T-Rex
A fleeting glimpse of the T-Rex

Colin Trevorrow clearly knows that fans of the original are going to be very happy with this news, we're going back to the original Island, we haven't been to Isla Nublar since 1993 in the original film, in the two sequels the story took place on Isla Sorna, Ingen's second location.

I'm personally hoping for the big girl to step in during the finale and take out the new Indominus Rex, similar to how she stopped the Velociraptors at the end of "Jurassic Park". I think it would be a nice homage, and prove that the original is always the best.

What made the T-Rex so special in the first film is that it was real, during close ups, the filmmakers used practical effects, and I am slightly worried that all of that will be thrown out and CGI will be used even when it doesn't have to be, that will take away some of the magic for me.

What about you guys, are you excited about the original T-Rex returning for "Jurassic World"? Let me know in the comments below!


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