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Taylor continues to show us why Tony Stark is seen as a monster in this comic series. In the last issue, Tony explained his plans for genocide and how it would help the world in the long-run. Before that, he bought out the media so that he can have a good face in the public's eyes. This issue, he does the unspeakable and goes on full-villain mode. After "Axis" we have been seeing who the true Tony Stark is. He is somebody that truly doesn't care about anybody but himself. His goals involve making money, showing the world how powerful he truly can be, and having fun. With just one issue left in this series before "Secret Wars" takes over, Taylor has alot of loose-ends that he needs to fill.

The majority of this issue focuses on Tony Stark trying to convince Pepper that he truly is not a bad human being. But, as the issue continues, he displays some ruthless and actually evil moves to get his point across. I do enjoy the notion of Tony verses Tony in the comic. One Tony from the past who still believed in the good fight but is now trapped in the mainframe of a robot suit. The other Tony is a powerhungry, megalomaniac who is trapped in the body of a man. As evil superior Tony waits for battle, we get to see his true ego taking place as he places a giant "booty call" into effect so he can get all his manly urges out of the way, while robot Tony is busy making weapons and gadgets for the fight ahead. We see alot of symbolism in this issue, but it still feels very hollow. The art by Watanabe is great as always, and it does help to show the action that is coming. The page with the number of different Iron Man suits was done nicely, and brings back a number of memories for people who have been following this comic series for years. It's a shame that there is just one issue left, because we can already see that not all the storylines will actually get completed. But, thats Marvel and "Secret Wars". As an issue, it's not bad but could be better. I give it a 6 out of 10.


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