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Tony White

In the last scene in Arkham Knights trailer there is a line Azrael says

"Dark days are here Batman, the prophesy has came true, from the ashes of Arkham City, the fires are raising, and Gotham is burning, I can see the same fire in your eyes, before this night is through that fire will consume you."

So nothing really big about that, but there was something cut out of the USA and UK version which you see up there. Azrael says how Gotham will need a savior...Gotham will need a new Batman. Now if your comic-ignorant you might not know Azrael has been Batman at one point during the Nightfall Ark were Batman's back was broke by Bane and that is what inspired Dark Knight Rises. But this was confirmed the last Arkham Game, So what does that mean?


What do think that means?


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