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This is a spoiler alert for those that have not seen Avengers: Age of Ultron OR do not care that there is a plot point I will reveal here.

You've been warned.

The six infinity stones currently stand at four that have been revealed. They are: Mind Stone, Space Stone, Power Stone, and Reality Stone. That leaves the Soul and Time left to reveal.

So, here is a nice breakdown, gem by gem, in order of when they appeared in the MCU.

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The Tesseract - Space Stone
The Tesseract - Space Stone

The Tesseract, otherwise known as the Space Stone. This was introduced in a post-credit scene in Thor. It was at the center of attention in Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

By utilizing the Tesseract, you can travel through different dimensions. Loki used it to travel to Earth from Thanos' dimension (also the Guardians dimension, though we did not know this at the time) in an attempt to take it for Thanos. In exchange, we can assume that Thanos promised Loki Earth to rule, and Asgard's destruction.

This was the first stone that was introduced, though we did not know until the end of Thor: The Dark World that it was an infinity stone, which connected the dots on why Thanos was revealed in the mid-credits scene at the end of The Avengers.

It currently resides in Asgard, that we know of. Where is uncertain. Most likely not anywhere on the books, nor near the Infinity Gauntlet (that will be said here later; another spoiler alert).

Loki's Scepter - The Mind Stone
Loki's Scepter - The Mind Stone

Loki's Scepter is next on the list, as it was introduced in The Avengers. Now confirmed to be the Mind Stone following The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While confusing at first because it is blue like the Tesseract, following Ultron's decision to create life and install the Mind Stone into his creation (which became the Vision following Tony's intervention) made it yellow.

Loki, of course, used this to mind control Hawkeye and Erik Selvig. Black Widow also used it to close the Tesseract's portal. No word yet on whether that was just a protocol that Selvig designed, or if the Mind Stone can stop the Tesseract. Like checks and balances from the US Government, but on a new level.

Regardless, the Mind Stone is now in The Vision's forehead.

The Aether - Reality Stone
The Aether - Reality Stone

Now, I could be wrong on it being the Reality Stone. There has been no confirmation (that I am aware of) of this, but its pretty clear by its powers.

First introduced in Thor: The Dark World, this stone doesn't seem to be a stone of some kind. Following AoU, this can be turned into a stone. How? Not sure. That was unclear.

Malekith tried to destroy the nine realms using this stone, twice. Of course, he failed via two Asgardian Gods (Bore and Thor). It now resides in The Collector's lair.

The Orb - Power Stone
The Orb - Power Stone

The final stone that has been introduced thus far, the Power Stone. Originally cast inside an orb that was opened twice, once by The Collector using a machine and the other by Ronan using his bare hands. Featured prominently in The Guardians of the Galaxy, this stone has the power to destroy worlds.

Wanted by Thanos, Ronan was sent to acquire it in exchange for Thanos destroying the planet Xandar for him. Of course, the Guardians get involved, and following some 80's music playing, the orb came to the custody of the Nova Corps.

Two remaining stones left to reveal
Two remaining stones left to reveal

Now, these are the two stones still remaining. Where are they? No one knows for sure.

But here is my theory.

I am going to guess that most of you reading this article have seen and/or read Harry Potter. Voldemort separated his soul into seven pieces (he meant to only separate it six times obviously, but trying to kill Harry made an accidental horocrux that he did not know about).

Obviously, Voldemort hid his horocruxes in valuable items and then had those items stashed away in places he thought would be safe.

Of course, he kept one by his side. That was the snake.

This is Thanos.

He GAVE the scepter to Loki. He obviously knew it was a stone, and he knew that to get the Tesseract, it would take a stone to get a stone. Loki obviously did not know what it was (neither did Thor until AoU). Thanos was to get the Tesseract and the scepter back when Loki acquired the former and took control of Earth.

Oops. Let's not make that mistake again.

Thanos was not going to give away the only stone he had. When Loki lost the scepter, he obviously got on Thanos' bad side and is now wanted for death (I believe). Thanos then decided to keep his second stone close to him.

His Nagini.

Just as another comparison, Voldemort gave his diary (containing a horocrux) to Lucius Malfoy to keep safe. Malfoy snuck it into Ginny Weasley's books in Chamber of Secrets to reopen the chamber. Voldemort obviously was not happy it was lost. Thanos lost the scepter when he gave it to Loki. I am thinking Joss Whedon took some things from Harry Potter.

Which stone is he keeping close? I would guess the Time Stone. It makes too much sense. Adam Warlock could be out there somewhere, and in the comics, he controls the Soul Stone.

This gives James Gunn a reason to introduce Warlock to Guardians 2, and helps intertwine the movies more.

Following the mid-credits scene in AoU, we know that Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet. As this was housed in Asgard, I'm going to take a stab in the dark.

Loki is in control of Asgard, by either killing Odin or locking him away (we know either is the case after the end of Thor: The Dark World). He knows he owes Thanos if he does not want to die, and Thanos wants the gauntlet.

Done deal. Loki was able to get the gauntlet to him without Thanos coming to Asgard.

Thanos also wants the Tesseract, but I have a feeling that Thanos did not obtain this. As Loki does not know where it was stashed in Asgard, I would imagine only a select few know. It obviously was not put near the gauntlet, as you do not want the key and the lock next to each other.

Plus, this sets up Thor's appearance in Infinity Wars. Nova having the Power Stone sets up the Guardians.

Well, that's that. I hope you all enjoyed it. Be on the look out for my next story. It will be my take on how Infinity Wars will play out. Let me add, too, I called that being two parts almost two years ago. On a site, I made the comment. Everyone said there was no way.

Again, let me refer back to Harry Potter. Highly anticipated story with a lot to it equals:

Cash Cow Two Part Movie.

Have a good day.


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