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Amy Martin

New recently broke out that the most recent addition to the Silent Hill game franchise (Silent Hills) has been cancelled. So as you would expect, the P.T demo of the game has been removed from the Playstation 4 store, and will no longer be available for download. Now not only is this super annoying, but it's also rather upsetting for those of us who played the demo and LOVED IT. I mean come on, that demo was SCARY.

Now that the P.T demo is available for download literally no where, PS4 consoles with the game installed are selling for ridiculous prices on eBay. Several of the consoles have been listed with a £1000 price tag (roughly $1543.86 US Dollars), and are being referred to as 'very rare'.

So are you disappointed that the game has been wiped from existence? I certainly am! But at the same time, the demo was super difficult, and I think this picture below illustrates my (and probably 90% of player's) thought process while trying it out for the first time...

Do YOU have the Silent Hills demo installed on your machine, and are you as devastated as I am that the game will NEVER see it's release? Let me know in the comments section below!



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