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So now that you've clicked on 'Join as a Creator,' have filled out your profile with amazing posts, and interacted with the great Community that is Moviepilot, I bet you're wondering 'Can this get any better?' Well I'm here to say, 'Why yes it does.' We're looking to connect you with Hollywood in the coolest ways possible -- feast your eyes on what we hook you up with here at Moviepilot.

We know you love that feeling of being in the know before anyone else. We work hard to get you early access to the films that you love before they officially hit the big screens! YOU, yes you, could easily be watching your favorite films before anyone else just by writing and creating awesome content about your favorite movies, TV shows and games.

Peter DiDonato - Furious 7, simply put, is one of the best popcorn films of all time.

Manuel Castellanos - Ex Machina: A Film That is Anything but Artifical

Those badges that say 'press' or 'media' when you attend conventions could be around your neck just by creating amazing content on Moviepilot. Who knows, you might even get an opportunity to get interviews with the talent who attend. Check out these articles from our Creators who've attended all kinds of conventions in different cities throughout the United States

RoAnna Sylver - Humans of Comic Con - Wizard World PDX, Part 1

Randy Micah Smith - Who Wore It Better? (My Top 10 Favorite Cosplays From MegaCon

Ever wonder what it'd be like asking those burning questions to your favorite celebrities? Well, your wish is our command. As a Creator you have the possibility of hopping on a phone interview with your favorite actor or even joining your favorite director in an on-camera conversation about where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go next.

Whether it's covering the red carpet and experiencing the glitz and glamour that is Hollywood or actually walking down the Red Carpet with GoPros in our segment we call 'Special Ops', we give our Creators truly exclusive access to the talent and films that you love.

Hollywood is the home to all things entertainment, so why not bring you out here to experience it first hand. As a Creator you have the opportunity to be flown out to Los Angeles, get featured in an awesome video, and get amazing access to the films that you love.

From Star Wars to American Horror Story and everything in between, we love reading all the content that you create on the site. And for creating those articles on the site about what you love, we like to say thanks in the form of awesome swag. Whether it be a Funko vinyl toy or a poster of your favorite film, we're always looking to reward you for being part of the Community.


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