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first-class horror director James wan is currently in talks to direct a live action adaptation of "Robotech" for Sony pictures.Wan is no stranger to big-time franchise films after being responsible for directing the horror film series "The conjuring" for Warner bros studios and New line cinema.The furious 7 director has a peek interest in being involved with the property aside from being a contender to direct DC's Aquaman movie scheduled for 2018.

Wan is an interesting choice to direct this kind of film considering his filming style as well as tone and personality.Based on what he has already done, it is quite possible that he could the perfect match for this movie.Wan has shown the ability to effectively use humor and drama in his films as well as off the wall action sequences that have blown away audiences and plus he personally loves action films.If Wan does end up securing the director's chair for this movie then audiences could be in for a treat.

Wan has two other film projects that he is working on right now which includes "Insidious: chapter 3" and the "Conjuring 2" and he is also still possibly up to direct the sequel to Furious 7.Wan is definitely becoming bigger as his career moves upstream and possibly being attached to a film like Robotech is a sure sign of great things to come in his film career.

The original U.S. TV series Robotech was based on three different Japanese series and focused on the use of robotic technology found on a crashed alien starship that Earth used to fight off various alien invasions.This series definitely seems to mean alot to the fans of the animated series so the team behind this film is considered of the utmost importance but including Wan could just be the winning formula.What do you think about the Robotech movie? do you think Wan is the right director for the job or do you have someone else in mind?

"Robotech" has no official release date or cast confirmed.


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