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I am a National Award Winning Artist currently freelancing out of SouthWest Virginia. You can find me at or Chucks
Chuck Mullins

I have always been a fan of comic books and Marvel Comics in particular. Their characters are superhuman and yet suffer from life in many of the same ways as we do.

I've heard that money doesn't make a person better it just amplifies and makes a person's character more evident and obvious. Maybe people can do more of what they want to do with a fatter wallet. Be more of who they are no matter the consequences. whether its good behavior or bad. Marvel characters reflect that. They have super powers but the "powers" enhance who they are. Good or bad. Marvel's Daredevil is no exception.

While watching (with great admiration) the new Daredevil TV series on Netflix I couldn't help but ask myself, "If I was in the same situation as Matt Murdock and lived the same life, would I use my gifts similar to him?" Pondering that thought, I imagined what kind of Daredevil I'd be and... painted it. This piece is penciled, scanned and digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop using a 9x12 wacom tablet on a Mac Pro.

What kind of Daredevil would you be?

Contact: to purchase art.
Contact: to purchase art.

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